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Blitz Research News

Blitz Research Ltd is a software development company dedicated to bringing you the ultimate in games programming tools.

Monkey2 is currently in development. Using a community funding model, Blitz Research's next generation enhancements to the MonkeyX environment retains the human readable traits of it's ancestors while introducing powerful new programming concepts. Already there has been a proliferation of editors and tools created in monkey2 for monkey2 developers that demonstrate the versatile and elegant style of this exciting new language.

BlitzMax for desktop developers of all shapes and sizes is now free.

Blitz3D the legendary language of champions is now free to download.

Community News

She said you know

The Patreons of Mark Sibly are proud to share the tremendous news, mojo3d alpha is out now.

Across the planet the winds of productivity have begun to blow.

Polymaniacs Released!
Cancel your weekends and invite all your friends for the flat poly party game of the millennium

More info here.

Peace and Love Everyone

Louder please Boris

static const blitzbasic.com
A read only mirror of the forums is now beta.

Go congratulate Adam on his totally mad CGA palatte at monkeycoder.co.nz.

As an alternative home, many users may be found hanging out on Shinkiro's Discord channel, at socoder.net and on syntaxbomb.com

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