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Derron5 months ago #1
Maybe do a tutorial-series using "pyro 2" and "monkey 2" to create a small game.

Series = multiple tutorials.

These tutorials should get promoted to attract existing monkey2-users (to use pyro) and maybe upcoming developers looking for "develop a game"-tutorials.

If doing such a thing: provide a "asset pack XYZ lite"-variant of your "asset pack XYZ".
What I mean is:
- you create a simple game with a consistent style because you use your asset pack
- you create a game only using some "simple" elements of your asset pack
- people could do the same on their home computers

At the end of the tutorial you show, what could be added to the game - and this, of course with the help of the "non lite"-variant of your asset pack (or enough enthusiasm of the developer to create these assets on their own).

PS: the licence of the lite-variant could contain that no commercial usage of this assets is allowed (to avoid people using it for their "finished game, now selling it"-tries) .

PPS: Such a tutorial series wont climax in the first days, it needs "google" and a bit of buzz in the forums to finally lead to new readers or even monkey2-users.

PPPS: if you create a tutorial, think about what's better: a written one, or multiple video tutorials. For coding I think "written" is better. Written also allows for localization (German, English, French ...) but nonetheless they need "video material" (eg. a short video showing the end result of what you learn in this lesson).

What might be problematic there is the different knowledge level. So you might add a "basics" tutorial for absolute beginners, just showing how to tackle monkey2 (really just the basics). Hide as much complexity as possible but let it "shine through" that you _could_ make it way more complex.

I think such tutorial series might increase sales of your asset packs _a_bit_ but might also not fulfill wonders.


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