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Derron5 months ago #1
Maybe create a "gui widget preview screen" (with "playniax"-text-watermark above them - and some black or white - not just transparency - lines overlaying the widgets).

What I did not see is "sliders", only on-off.

For casual games you also need:
- dialogues
- stars (filled, unfilled)
- input (name)
- maybe even dropdown/select (difficulty, map selection)
- icon-buttons (settings, "sound on off" ...)
- ... think you know what you use in your casual/small games

The disadvantage of a limited widget asset pack is the "limit". Somewhen during development of your little casual game you will recognize: "ohh sh... this widget is missing" and then you understand why it is good to have either a "fully complete pack" or someone at your side being able to redo/modify existing widgets to something new.

Maybe you should also consider to split up "decoration elements", so for dialogues you get 1-2 headers, 1-2 footers and 1-2 "borders" + some backgrounds. It is then up to the user to mix things up to their individual dialogue-boxes.

Of course this adds much time to the creation process but for now the asset pack (especially the second you have shown here) contain very little "extras" and looks easy enough to recreate it in not-that-much-time (if you know the tools - of course). The first one is way better, it isn't that easy to recreate the "knob", it looks more professional - disregarding of "cartoon" or "not cartoon".

@ cartoon
seems the "Your Game" has a bit darker outline at the bottom, than "Name" and "of". So "Name" and "of" look a bit "faded of" or "washed out" compared to the more vibrant (more contrast) "Your Game".
Font choice is really good (I like that font too) - do you provide it as "bitmap font" (not vectors - as this leads to licence issues) so people could use these fonts "for whatever they desire" ?

Do _not_ get above things wrong, I just try to help improving your artworks. And I understand, that the whole "GUI" thing cannot fit perfectly to ones game (eg. emphasize of words in a title might be different to the font-size you designed the graphics with).
So do not feel offended - and if so, then sorry, not intended.


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