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News about Candy Space Mysteries v12.97!

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Xilvan1+ years ago #1
What's new in our game Candy Space Mysteries v12.97!

Hi everybody,

Recently, I reviewed the websites & added the free v12.97.

Now, I'm working on
the Last version
of the famous:

Candy's Space Mysteries:
Missions on the
blue planets.


What's new in this version (and the old ones):

- Enhenced day/night lightening.

- Corrected the amount of
bubbles in the waters.

- Verified many
points of the game.

- Final bugs & glitches removal.

- Enhanced trees, grass & flowers.

- Enhenced first type of tree.

- Fixed the horizons.

- Verified everything.

- Removed some bugs & glitches.

- Fixed the Galaxies colors & appearance.

- Fixed the Stars textures: those with
halos are bigger; those normal.

- Fixed space background
color to black(red = 0;
green = 0; blue = 0).

- Fixed the [F9] command: for the amount of Stars!

- Removed stars hidding command.

- Fixed bugs & glitches.

- Verified everyting(but more than before!).

- Fixed the grass, flowers bugs & glitches.

- Fixed the configuration program.

- Verified everyting.

- Fixed the starfield, clouds & sky to it's best.

- Fixed colors of the flowers.

- Fixed the water & horizons.

- Fixed bugs & glitches.

- Fixed "Stars's EntityOrder".

- Finally found a way to do EntityInView to hide the unseen stars.

- Added the stars X 3 configuration commands.

- Fixed Clouds.

- Fixed trees, grass, fern, palm trees & sapins.

- Fixed many spatial bugs related to galaxies & planets.

- The galaxies looks now more beautiful.

- Fixed many other bugs & glitches.

- Ufos may appear now.

- One more Maximum of Stars.

- Adjusted the Stars In View.

- Removed grass in Space Mode.

- Planets looks more brilliant.

- Some more bugs are now resolved.

- The fairies are talking now: everywhere!

- When you go to the center of the universe, you rebound!

- 1500 stars maximum instead of 2500.

- Enhanced the Logos of Xilvan Design.

- Adjusted vegetation.

- Enhenced the trees, leaves, ferns, bushes, flowers, clouds, cats.

- The Terrain level of detail is 5000 instead of 25000.

- 2500 stars instead of 1000 giving the galaxies an amazing look.

- 701 worlds to explore, 7 galaxies to visit.

- Removed all the wirls of teleport.

- 15 aquatic lifeforms instead of 75 being.

- More to come!

In conclusion, this is an update with plenty of fast
and beautiful improvements. I Hope you will
love our new games updates.


Xilvan1+ years ago #2
Hello everybody,

Something special happened recently:

We stopped publishing demos
and trials on all

I still need your help for testing. I will
need a team to continue the project.


Rick Nasher1+ years ago #3
I applaud and admire your commitment to your project. Unfortunately I won't be able to test as I have to limit myself to what I can do due to health reasons.

Xilvan1+ years ago #4
Hello everybody,

Thanks to all blitzeans who
helped me in my projects.

I'll continue the Xilvan Design projects
& verify what's happening in the forum.

Xilvan Design

Since middle 2015, Lights of Dreams IV was born.
I remodeled Xylvan's wings: now they're
all featered. Many more features
was added later.

I'll continue to work
on that game...

I had to add the wings
to other characters
before launch
of v1.57.


Xilvan1+ years ago #5
Hi everyone,

Now, everything work
correctly in this

But I'm still preparing
this new project!


Matty1+ years ago #6
You certainly have persistence - how long have you been working on this?

Edit - just checked your post history - 9 years you've been working on this game.

markcw1+ years ago #7
Well done Xilvan!

OT: I wonder if I can upload freeware software that is no longer available to Download.com? Like gile[s] or tree[d] or is this a bad idea?

Hotshot20051+ years ago #8
9 years in making!? You must got very high motivation somehow

Doggie1+ years ago #9
Is there a version that doesn't use an installer?
I'm not going to install it but I'd run an exe file if you want to provide one.

Rick Nasher1+ years ago #10
I'd blame it on drugs(nah just kidding ;-) admire his persistence. I've got some projects running that long but never published or publish worthy (yet) as I always put the bar higher and higher for myself every time. Which is silly.

Fielder1+ years ago #11
i don't link online installers

big10p1+ years ago #12
Yeah, kudos for sticking with this for 9 years.

Xilvan1+ years ago #13


Time to check Advices and reading old
conversation on blitzbasic.com.

I'm presently watching
for a v5.45 release.

After v7.01, let's start new
projects never released

Hope you'll appreciate
those future ideas.


Doggie1+ years ago #14
Uh. Ok then, I can take no for an answer.

Ploppy1+ years ago #15
Can we expect a movie anytime soon? ;-)

Matty1+ years ago #16
Heres a movie.

xlsior1+ years ago #17

Xilvan1+ years ago #18
Hi everyone,

Recently, I published the v5.45 try version of this game.

-Download Candy's Space Mysteries v5.45 here!-

Now, everything work
correctly in this

I'm preparing next updates of this
new exiting space game...

Get informed in my
websites above!

Thanks for downloading
and trying our games!

Hope you'll
our new


Xilvan1+ years ago #19
Lately, I've found the following points
to enhence in my gaming carreer.

Firstly, my main idea is to continue Candy Racing Cup,
Candy's Space Mysteries, Lights of Dreams IV
& Candy World Adventures IV.

Secondly, let's start more new projects
with plenty of new ideas.

Thirdly, I'll read again all the previous
messages and take part of your ideas.

In Conclusion, Blitz3D may looks more & more life-like as
well as the Ploppy's projects may have come to life!

Matty1+ years ago #20
Secondly, let's start more new projects
with plenty of new ideas.

- as long as the words, Candy, Noopy, Dreams don't feature in the title I'd say you may be onto something here.

Trinosis1+ years ago #21
Best wishes with whatever projects you do Xilvan.

I always enjoy seeing what you do. :)

Grisu1+ years ago #22
Good luck with your future projects Xilvan. I highly respect your dedication.

I have been working on my little radio app since 2008 and I still won't give up. :)

Xilvan1+ years ago #23
Thanks you everybody!

Let's have a great continuation of our projects...


Hardcoal11 months ago #24
Go Candy Go!! :)

Xilvan10 months ago #25
Hopefully, that final of this
game, newer game projects
may appear before.

Recently, 1763 planets were
available in Final Mode.

Hope you'll appreciate!


Xilvan9 months ago #26
-Candy's Space Mysteries Blog-

Official Website:
-Candy's Space Mysteries Website-

Game Commands & Help:
-Candy's Space Mysteries Help Website-

Hope you'll find all the
informations you
are needing!

Please, bookmark &
share the pages!

"Hope you'll appreciate my
effort of creating
great games!

Thanks you for


Xilvan4 months ago #27

After a long Journey in Candy World II: The Golden Bones &
Candy to the Rescue IV: The Scepter of Thunders,
Let's return to my new project:

Candy's Space Mysteries:
Missions on the
Blue Planets

I've just fixed cats' textures, enhenced vegetations(trees, bushes, ferns, flowers, grass), fixed the clouds lightening.

I'm starting:

Candy's Space Mysteries II: Back to Earth.
Lately, v12.37 were the first update for this sequel.
You'll be able to travel in a more real Universe &,
maybe, explore Earth, Moon, Marsh & Venus!


Lights of Dreams V: Path to Heaven & the Stars.
I'll add a Space Mode in this game & planets
exploring, space battles & more!

In Conclusion, I hope you'll
like & share my new projects!


AdamStrange4 months ago #28
Good for you ;)

Rick Nasher4 months ago #29
Dunno why but your sites are marked by my firewall as 'unsafe' and therefore blocked. Just so you know, perhaps there's a problem, for I do not usually have that issue.

Imperium4 months ago #30
Nice work Xilvan your game keeps looking better with each incarnation.

Xilvan3 months ago #31
Hi everybody,

Since yesterday, I finished the first
part of our long awaited game callen:

Candy's Space

Missions on the
Blue Planets

I finally found a way to
debug the sun & starfield.

The galaxies still beautiful & the
planets looks more big & challengeous.

I'll continue this project, but not Candy World II: The Golden Bones
or Candy to the Rescue IV: The Scepter of Thunders! Maybe, I'll
continue Candy World Adventures IV & Candy Racing Cup.

Let's present the
following project:

Candy's Space
Mysteries II

A Path to the Blue
Planet Earth.

Thanks for supporting us!


coffeedotbean3 months ago #32
This game still progressing? got to admire your staying power. I still don't like where you host your games though; http://alxxyl.5gbfree.com if I saw a URL like that anywhere i'd avoid it like the plague. Look at http://itch.io if I were you, it's free.

Why0Why3 months ago #33
I second itch.io. A much better site and you can add all of your games there.

Xilvan1 month ago #34
Hi everybody,

Let's watch the most resent Trailer #3
of Candy's Space Mysteries v9.95!

The trailer was good enough to get more than 100 views
on YouTube... I need help to get more watching.

I'll prepare a whole new
Trailer #4 as soon
as possible.

In this vision of gaming, I focus on space travel,
stopping thunderstorms, shooting evil ufos &
blast astero´d.

Right now, I'm starting a new project callen:
Candy's Space Mysteries II:
Paw on the planet Earth.

This will be for
everyone and
stay free.



skidracer1 month ago #35
Very nice, front page nice!

Xilvan1 month ago #36
Hi everybody,

In this last release of
the fabulous v12.97:
Candy's Space Mysteries:
Missions on the
Blue Planet.

I finalized this first part
of the game & enhenced
many points...

Download the latest, the unique, the ONE:
-Here the Candy's Space Mysteries v12.97-
Space/plateforming Candy Game is great!

Hope you'll appreciate
my whole new game!


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