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coffeedotbean5 months ago #1
Here's what I've been working on; what if the Atari 2600 had an adventure 'almost' point and click game... it might look something like this. (I took some inspiration from Secret Quest for the Atari 2600)

I am at the point where I need to decide on a story and theme, thinking for the time being ill do a mini xmas Blitz themed adventure this weekend.

Save from audio, front end title screen, game save feature and an ending the code base is done. Room and sprite editor is also complete;

Steve Elliott5 months ago #2
I'm far too biased to comment. A very good mate owned an Atari 800, while I owned a Spectrum lol...Just code it. The graphics are very much Atari! :)

Although Atari 800 graphics are far more appealing than Atari 2600 ones.

coffeedotbean5 months ago #3
but but... Atari 2600 graphics are easier to draw... but more challenging, trying to draw a coke bottle was impossible in an 8x16 area, changed it to can.

AdamStrange5 months ago #4
very interesting :)

loofadawg5 months ago #5
Nostalgic and nice. I often toy with the idea of the whatif scenario. In monkey I was doing a 2600 Angry Birds but gave up after a bit. I also wanted to do a remake of adventure but with boss's... like a giant dragon head you have to fight the spits out smaller (normal size) dragons out of its mouth.

coffeedotbean5 months ago #6
@loofadawg - I like having these artificial limitations especially around graphics, I drop so many games due to not having the graphics are later realising how much work is involved.

I xmas'd it up, if no body "pops in to say hi" I should get it finished today.

AdamStrange5 months ago #7
Brilliant!!!! I love it! You've inspired me...

degac5 months ago #8
Damn! I like a lot!
8bit gfx is not in my mood... but I like the gameplay/concept!

Steve Elliott5 months ago #9

I drop so many games due to not having the graphics are later realising how much work is involved.

Good point!

RemiD5 months ago #10

I drop so many games due to not having the graphics are later realising how much work is involved.

that's why i am currently working on a game with a far top down view. ;)

RemiD5 months ago #11
@coffeedotbean>>i am curious, have you ever tried to create a 2d game using textured quad meshes in a 3d world ? (like a top down view or a side view)

I think it is easier to manage turns/moves/detectcollisions in a 3d world, don't you think ?

coffeedotbean5 months ago #12
No doubt collisions would be nicer (more options), not sure if they'd be as accurate. I am stuck in my ways with 2D plus I've built frameworks and ways of doing things suited to the kind of games I make.

Steve Elliott5 months ago #13
I would say your Spectrum-like graphics are my favourite Coffeedotbean :)

PanGEMic was a very cool retro game.

Krischan5 months ago #14
Looks like an Roguelike version of Montezuma's Revenge :-D

RemiD5 months ago #15
montezuma's revenge remake (apparently made with Blitz3d) : http://pobieramy24.pl/showthread.php?t=30713

coffeedotbean5 months ago #16
I had a go at monte style game not so long ago, sadly it just kind of turned into a monte game with different stages, getting more into remake territory which was not my intention setting out. It was a pirate theme for any one interested, have to loot treasure from an old pirate cave that's been booby trapped etc.

AdamStrange5 months ago #17
Here a quick look at me new map editor. I would love to bang heads with you and see about writing something that you would like to use????

coffeedotbean5 months ago #18
How do you mean? In my "Axeman" w.i.p (Berzerk like) I randomly created each room as they were entered, to the same seed value so previous rooms don't change. In my adventure game I store N,E,S,W values for each room to represent if there is a door way, I change these values by clicking on a side wall to open\close the door, it then also mirrors the new value to the neighbouring room.

coffeedotbean5 months ago #19
GAME IS FINISHED! (almost), I spent a good 2 hours trying to find (FREE or <5 ) suitable music last night (for in-game), but I either found music that was too whimsical or too retro. If any one had any sites or music you think would work please let me know.

Sadly it's shorter than I wanted, I'd expect the average play-through to last 25-45 mins.

Once I have the music down, I can slap a page up on itch.io with the download.

AdamStrange5 months ago #20
Looking forward to it :)

Xerra5 months ago #21
There's something to be said for sticking to minimalist gameplay ideas and graphics and doing something special with them. Not to mention actually getting the game completed as you're not tied to working with artists, musicians or multiple other programmers just to turn big ideas into reality.

Well done getting this up and running.

As for the chap stating that full screen switching isn't working for him on OSX, it's fine for me.

dynaman5 months ago #22
I should pop in this forum more often, it was a treat seeing this, very nice.

Imperium4 months ago #23
Something about this reminds me of those ZZT adventure games I used to play. I really love the look and gameplay! You managed to capture the feel of a retro system but with modern design elements. Most Excellent!

skidracer4 months ago #24
Very nice! Front page nice!!

@Imperium - you made it back on!

stayne4 months ago #25
Email me with what kind of music you are wanting and I will put something together for you. Will be .ogg if that works.

Imperium4 months ago #26
Yeah the Blitz forum signup doesn't appear to be working, even restoring this account required me to contact Blitz support. I'm doing game development full time now! :)

Neuro4 months ago #27
This caught my attention.

Imperium4 months ago #28
Adam Strange are you making a Bezerk clone? I recognize those characters!

AdamStrange4 months ago #29
@Imperium yep - 70% finished

stayne4 months ago #30
Another one of my favorite arcade games. 2600 port wasn't that bad. I remember if you stood in the line of fire just right the bullets could pass through your neck.

Steve Elliott4 months ago #31

I remember if you stood in the line of fire just right the bullets could pass through your neck.

Bullet-proof Bow Tie ;)

I'm quite enjoying playing the Arcade Version under emulation.

Imperium4 months ago #32
Wizard of Wor was one of my personal favorites. I like you could go Coop sort of or just blast everything away. The sound effects were a bit creepy!

Canali1 month ago #33
Love the look and the idea.
Please continue it!

coffeedotbean1 month ago #34
Thanks, the xmas game is as far as ill go with this version though I do have ideas floating round about a more expansive dynamic story game with the simplistic Atari look.

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