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Flanker2 months ago #1
Marching cubes + pathfinding


Hello, months ago I've been implementing pathfinding on marching cubes using A* algorithm in Blitz3D. Recently I tried to make it multi-threaded using Blitzmax and OpenB3D. Here is the result so far :

It still doesn't work perfectly with multi-threads, I have a lot of stuttering (not visible in the video), probably because of mutex or shared ressources but i'm working on it.

Anyway, I'm wondering if there would be a better algorithm than A* for that ? The pathfinding data is based on terrain vertices, however it is similar to a grid (with a complex shape). There is no obstacle so maybe there is something faster than A* ?

I plan to make an ant colony game from this base if I manage to get a robust pathfinding system.

skidracer2 months ago #2
Looks awesome, well done so far!

I wouldn't get too hung up on performance, if it puts restrictions on the size of your levels then that can be a good thing.

grindalf2 months ago #3
looks awesome

Blitzplotter2 months ago #4
Gobsmackingly good stuff, great work!

Trinosis2 months ago #5
Yeh, that's really interesting.

Don't think i've seen anything quite like it before.

Looks like you have the makings there for a unique screensaver.

Thumbs up.

Great work.

Flanker2 months ago #6
Thanks for the feedbacks. Here is another video, creating some sort of roots and digging a nest : https://youtu.be/rJMEpLXszCI

@skidracer Yes the level size is the major thing that can slow down everything, and an ant nest with dead ends is the worst case for A*... :D

@Trinosis I hope it will become more than just a screensaver !

Rick Nasher2 months ago #7
Great stuff! Blast-off those alien ants hiding on our neighboring asteroids..
Could also be a really nice multi-player environment. (hint-hint ;-)

Flanker2 months ago #8
@Rick Nasher
This could be an idea :) but I'd prefer to make something like the game "empire of the ants" (I spent days and nights on this game when I was a teen), or "empires of the undergrowth" wich looks promising, but with a real 3D nest.

Multiplayer... with host switching ? :D

Anyway, I've been able to boost the pathfinding performances so I can run 1000 ants smoothly with pathfinding, 2000 is still ok for pathfinding but not for the graphics... I'll have to learn how to render so much entities.

FBEpyon2 months ago #9

Would you mind sharing where you got the information on doing marching cubes. I know the basics, but I'm stuck on the vert formatting.

I have been reading this for the last few days :

This is looking great BTW!!

Flanker2 months ago #10

I learned from the same source, Paul Bourke has a lot of interesting algorithms on his website. But I modified it a lot to suit my needs. Tell me exactly where you are stuck and i'll try to help you.

FBEpyon2 months ago #11

I trying to work through the code still, I will let you know... Trying to simplify it is all.

Rick Nasher2 months ago #12

Multiplayer... with host switching ? :D

Would be good for Blitz's future though..

I found Unity's Multi-player host switching apparently isn't free of bugs(=being worked at) but is open source, whereas Photon's is bug-free but of course not open.

Anyway good luck with your quest. Just watched some vids for never heard of "empires of the ants/undergrowth" before. Interesting idea, should be great fun to play/see.

RemiD2 months ago #13
@Flanker>>impressive terrains/caves you have made here, and with the pathcalculation pathfollowing ! Really good ! Congrats.

Grisu2 months ago #14
Can you add fire ants? Normal ants might be too cute. :)

Flanker1 month ago #15
@RemiD Thank you :)

@Grisu There are no cute ants I think, all species actually on earth survived millions of years with different behaviours. But yes, fire ants would be one of the main species for a game.

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