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Thank you for the update

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Blue Steel(Posted 1+ years ago) #1
Thanks for all the hard work Mark :cD

semar(Posted 1+ years ago) #2
Indeed a *GREAT* work, I've just red the whole version history, and I would say that The Man has made a really accurate job, as usually.

Thanks Mark for putting such a nice effort in Blitz !

Best Regards,

cyberseth(Posted 1+ years ago) #3
YEAH BABY!! This is great, pretty much all the stuff I wanted to be improved and more! Plus a very useful QueryObject command for integrating into the WinAPI!! :D :D

Zster(Posted 1+ years ago) #4
One word "Coooool"
Thanks Mark


Bremer(Posted 1+ years ago) #5
I've downloaded the update and installed it, but now my programs are running terribly slow. I'm thinking about going back to v1.11. Have anyone else experienced this?

Bremer(Posted 1+ years ago) #6
I've just installed the old v1.11 and everything is fine again. I have a Geforce TI4200 card and a P4 2.4ghz, 512mb ram. Could it be problems with the Geforce card?

Snarty(Posted 1+ years ago) #7
Change any grahics commands such as LoadImage, CreateImage to include the new flag.

For Images which will be used on a canvas: Use Flag 4
For Images which will be used on a buffer: Use Flag 2

Avoid the default, also, it's worthwhile to read the version history and take advantage of new commands.

turtle1776(Posted 1+ years ago) #8
How do you access the version history? I've been waiting on upgrading to B+ and maybe it is time.

Hotcakes(Posted 1+ years ago) #9
<Jumps around the room for a little while> All hail Mark!

This will keep all the whiners at bay for a few whole days I reckon ;]

Kevin_(Posted 1+ years ago) #10

I just installed the 1.34 update and ran my 9000+ lines of code project and everything ran fine! No problems at all.



skn3(Posted 1+ years ago) #11
Great update. Just did a little test with the formattextareatext command, looking good!

I would say add a font param in there too :), seeing as though rich text can have multiple fonts.

The new images flags are great. That and other tweaks meant, I was able to load in a project I did in b3d, without having to fix stuff!

Nice one.

Qcat(Posted 1+ years ago) #12

Gr8 update it has evreythink i needed and more :D

hub(Posted 1+ years ago) #13
Thanks Mark for this great update, everything ran fine! No problems.

CS_TBL(Posted 1+ years ago) #14
Can anyone test the ZPATH from the code library .. since I run 1.34 this one behaves weird .. I ran it yesterday in 1.11 without problems.

MadMax(Posted 1+ years ago) #15
Well, Hey Great! Now I just need to find out how all this works

Phil Newton(Posted 1+ years ago) #16
Thanks Mark, and great timing too! I've just finished all of my uni coursework, so now I have plenty of time to devote to B+.


marksibly(Posted 1+ years ago) #17

I've downloaded the update and installed it, but now my programs are running terribly slow. I'm thinking about going back to v1.11. Have anyone else experienced this?


Image flags shouldn't be an issue, because they default to the same as V1.11

Anyone else?

What sort of app are you writing?

Would you mind emailing it to me?

Bremer(Posted 1+ years ago) #18
I'm have made a tetris clone and a Bejeweled clone, and both of them runs much slower when using the new update. So mostly gaming stuff, which I plan to do more of. Are you looking to get the .exe versions or the code?

marksibly(Posted 1+ years ago) #19
Source code and media please.

<Death>(Posted 1+ years ago) #20
OK, enough buttkissing from you guys!

(Now it's my turn)



cyberseth(Posted 1+ years ago) #21
I just did a test on my graphics-heavy "Rouge", and yes the game does run slower now. I can't post my source here but if you let me have a contact email, mark, I can post it to you.

Although it doesn't actually draw many images, the game is gfx-heavy because of its lightmapping: The tiles of the floor are drawn using rects, each calculating the distance from light and setting its colour accordingly. The enemies are drawn using WritePixelFast, also adjusting their colour as the light requires.

The game itself isn't too memory efficient. It takes up about 6.5MB video memory with its canvases and images. However, it was certainly smoother in BlitzPlus 1.11

cyberseth(Posted 1+ years ago) #22
YOWZER!! I set the GfxDriver to 1 ("Native") and the speed seemed to really shoot up. But surely that must be in my head, because isn't Native the default?

In any case, anybody having speed problems should try different graphics drivers. BlitzPlus comes with three:
1 - Native
2 - OpenGL
3 - DirectDraw

cyberseth(Posted 1+ years ago) #23
One final point, (sorry for the triple post) but I did some WritePixelFast tests, and I KNOW I used to be able to get faster times writing to the whole screen than I do now. Also, the "poking to buffer" method doesn't seem to work in Native/OpenGL modes. In graphics mode it crashes, and in windowed mode it just doesn't look right!

mag.(Posted 1+ years ago) #24

I got to try everything, Debug coming back, COOL..

Hotcakes(Posted 1+ years ago) #25
cyberseth : DirectDraw (3) is default.

Synchronist(Posted 1+ years ago) #26
THX MARK! You are my Hero... 8^)

marksibly(Posted 1+ years ago) #27

I can't post my source here but if you let me have a contact email, mark, I can post it to you.