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Create Games in B+ and make REAL $$$

BlitzPlus Forums/BlitzPlus Programming/Create Games in B+ and make REAL $$$

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #1
My name is Rui Barbosa Jr.
I work for a game development company, in Brazil.
We create games for casinos.
We have already created 2 vey nice games, using Blitz.
These game are played for real money.
The games are all 2d, no 3d required - preferrably no 3d at all!
Games for casinos are usualy one scren games, only.
Please contact me ASAP.

Preferrably, Blitz Plus programmers, or Blitz3D programmers, but with good 2d-only skills.

We have the game specs, but new games are welcime as well.


Rui Barbosa Jr.

P.S.: I am not sure whether this kind of post is allowed in these forums, but as I have been writting blitz games for a long time, and always dreamt of finding such a post, I believe that none will complain about it.

If you want to have a good idea of what kind of games we need, please take a look at
Also take a look at

Please, understand that we do not want you to write clones of those games.
We just want you guys to have a clear idea of what a casino game looks like, so you will know, just by looking at the pictures, that these games are plain 2d, simplistic, mostly one screen games, with usualy one bonus one-screen game, too.

Designers are welcome, too.
But we are mainly interested in complete productions.
This means that it would be better if you can provide us with the graphics, as well as sounds.

If you got a good game idea (for a casino game), and have the coding skills (Blitz Plus, not Blitz3D), but does not know how to create the graphics and sounds, we will provide them.

We operate in two ways:
1. You put a price, and send us an encrypted, time-limmited, full-featured version of the game, and we will evaluate it.
If it really works, we will pay the price you ask.
2. We have a set of games already in the production line, with complete graphics and sounds, as well as game description. You write one of them, and we can either pay you a flat-fee OR pay part of the profits (up to 10%) --- remember: one of those games can make thousands of dollars per week.

Before we sign a deal, you must provide us with proof that you are at least 18 years old, if you want to get paied a hare of the profits generated by the game.

We will provide programmers with our own set of libraries, which allows for hardware interface control, as well as copy protection, etc...
Network is handeed by our common library, which is also responsible for dealing with rules stablished by the Brazilian government.

This is a real proposal, and we expect people who respond to it to know that this is serious stuff, and agree to sign a development contract, which will be sent to each programmer, as soon as the company and the individual get closer contact.

We will also provide you with a scripting DLL, which allows you to write one game once, in Blitz Plus, and will allow for content modification, via simple script editting.
By using it, you can write one single game, and modify it, via scripting, so you can sell it more than once.
(The scripting engine is called GOL 2.0).
(We will provide you with the script IDE, compiler and debugger, as well as the virtual machine wich interprests those scripts).

We do not want you to release the Blitz Plus source code to your games.

Only Blitz Plus games will be accepted, for the electronics crew, which is composed by over a hundred people, is already trainned to install games written with it.
Blitz3d games are fine, too, but B+ games run faster and generate smaller code, so we preffer B+ games.
We have had a great experience with B+ games, and donīt want to go through C/C++/Assembly games, for their are hard to support and the programmers usualy are not able to make changes is convenient time-frames.

There is absolutely no dead-line for delivering the finished games.
The sooner you finish it, the sooner e will test it.
The sooner we aprove it, the sooner you get the cash.

We do have adeadline for getting answers to this post, thou.
Some people will have to be hired, in order to manage the projects, and we need a precise idea of how many coordinators and supervisors we will need.

So, answers must be sent Before November 1st.

The sooner you apply, the better, thou.

You can find our website at

That is our news portal, and it is alll in portuguese, thou...

Those who apply and sign the contract will have access to games source codes (real games, that are already placed on real casinos, making real money).
In order to get those files, you will have to sign an NDA, thou - but maybe you donīt even have too look at other games code, because these games are relatively easy to implement.

Actualy, one person is perfectly capable of writting one game every other month.

My e-mail is:
You can also reach me at +552191572472, but remember: I am in Rio de Janeiroīs time zone, daylight savings time, too.
(It is 1:30 PM now)

Please contact me A.S.A.P.

If this kind of post is not allowed, then sorry. In that case, please remove it.

P.P.S.: Previous experience is in not required, but is a plus.
All games will be accepted, provided they work well.

P.P.P.S.: we are a well stabilished casino games development company, based in Brazil.

Jim Teeuwen(Posted 1+ years ago) #2
I have done a fair bot of this stuff while I worked at an entertainment company for 2 years. Im interested in seeing what I can do for you guys, but Ill have to sort out some contract stuff from me pervious job. (I cant create any gambling related game/web/other-digital content for 2 years after contract termination... these 2 years havnt passed yet). Once I sort that out I'll have a look at what I can do.

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #3
Those who are not interested, but belueve that would be able to create that kind of casino games, please send me LINKS to some demos, and I am sure we can work out a good deal.

Thanks for your time,

Rui Barbosa Jr.

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #4
These are not online games.
I have signed a contract like that, too, which prevents me from writting online games for 5 years (3 1/2 of which have already passed), but am allowed to develop other gambling contents, as long as they are not internet games.
Maybe your contract is like that.
Hope this helps,

Rui Barbosa Jr.

Skitchy(Posted 1+ years ago) #5
I have a game that kind of fits the criteria - and I was just looking for a publisher. It's NOT a 'classic' slot-style game (fruit-machine or roulette etc.).

However, it could easily be adapted to include cash prizes based on either score or ... well I can't give too much away but if you saw it you'd get what I mean ;)

I don't have a time-limited demo ATM (just full version) but I can put one in if you like.

I'd need some assurances of non-disclosure, and that I'm not going to get ripped off. Nothing personal, but I trust nobody ;)

I'd ONLY be interested in a 'percentage-of-profit' royalty type deal. Is 10% the absolute maximum (seems a little low)?

In summary, my game meets most of your criteria and is FINISHED NOW. If you want to discuss this further, e-mail me at


Orca(Posted 1+ years ago) #6
I'm curious, how do NDA's and contracts work internationally? I'm not really knowledgeable at all with this stuff, but I'm assuming the law works quite differently in different countrys. Anyone able to shed some light on this?

I mean, are you really protected if someone screws you over in another country(not pointing the finger at anyone, but just like skitchy, I trust nobody). Rui, I'm interested but I need to get some more specific info on how were legally protected and what not.

Jim Teeuwen(Posted 1+ years ago) #7
you are subject to the rules layed down ijn the country where the contract originates from.
Same goes for online content. Te content of a website can be against the law in your country, but if the server it's hosted on resides in another country where its legal, you cant do a thing about it.

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #8
I am affraid that 10% is the absolute maximum royalty fee.
Thatīs 10% of the profite that EACH machine gives you on a weekly basis.
You must understand that there are many people involved in such an operation.
First, 40% of the profit is payed to the owner of the casino (or bingo hall).
10% are payed to the operator, who is the person in charge of controlling the coin-in and coin-out values.
Also, thereīs the percentage that goes to the government and also the monthly license, which is a flat-fee.
Besides, our company has a huge operations network, completely legal, which costs a lot, too.
Unfortunately, this is probably not negotiable. I will have to check with my superiors.
What I can tell you that it is possible to get up to 50% of the profit, but in such case, you also have to pay 50% of all expenses.

The NDA is accepted by both countries, as long as you have a seal attached to it, which is acknowledged by the both governments.
This document "accreditation" is not expensive at all. In Brazil, it costs about US$ 10,00 (per document page).
That would be about US$ 100,00 for the full contract.
It has to be done here, and has to be done in the country where you live.
So, there are two copies of the document, giving a total of US$ 200.00 --- expenses will be on us, of corse.

The text in the contract changes a little from country to country, because each part must be identified by a unique personal/company ID.
That documment type depends on the country.
In Brazil, we have the CPF, while in the U.S., you would use the Social Security Number.

Other than that, the contents of the contract, will be accredited by both governments, as long as the signature is accredited by a government seal - no matter what language the text is written in.
The contract is written in English, btw.

One more thing: thereīs more to it than just game logic.
You must also control a set of lamps, a L.E.D. display which displays the current jackpot value, and the network connection the binds a set of machines running the same game.
And the game also needs an accurate account screen, as well as a set-up screen.
Remember: your game will be dealing with REAL money.

Fortunately, we have already developped all the interfaces, specificaly for Blitz Plus (will also work with Blitz 3D, despite we would rather only work with B+ programs).

Yes, you are right.
As long as the country where the game is going to be played allows it, you can develop it anywhere in the world.
Thatīs is a very sensitive matter when dealing with online games, but not a problem in our case, because those games are going to be played locally.

If you guys have any further questions, owhich you donīt feel like sharing with the whole commujnitym, you may e-mail me directly, or give me a phone call.

On the other hand, questions that might be of interest to other people, please post them here (just like you guys did).

I hope this helps.


Rui Barbosa Jr.

P.S.: You donīt have to sign an NDA, unless if you want to get the source code to (up to) 5 games that we have already released.
These games are already being played for real money.
The N.D.A. is a little bit more cmplicated, as our company will require you to sign the N.D.A. with the approval of a lawyer in your country (thatīs pretty serious stuff, you know).
But I donīt think you will need access to the source code.
Our support team can help you.
As soon as you sign the contract, we will ship the hardware to you, as well as a couple of manuals, which will help you call the interface functions in the DLLīs we supply.

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #9
I was not clear in the e-mail above.
You can sign a contract to develop a game, to sell a game or to get royalties from a game.
We can pay for the game as:
1. A flat fee
2. A price per copy
3. A royalty fee (up to 10% of the profit)

Any combination of the above items.
The contract does not require any special treatment.

The N.D.A. DOES require that you are advised by a lawyer in your country.
The same is true, if you want US to sign an N.D.A. In that case, we are the ones who need to be advised by a lawyer.
Sad, but true :^)


Rui Barbosa Jr.

Skitchy(Posted 1+ years ago) #10
Ok, I understand the 10% thing and I want to get involved in this project.
As I said, I have a relevant game finished already that could easily be adapted for your machines, and I'm proficient in B+.

Tell me what to do next Rui, and I hope I can work with you on this :)

BTW, I'm having problems with the e-mail address I gave above, so use this one instead


If you've already sent me something then please could you send it to this new address as well. Thanks :) I'd rather negotiate over e-mail than on a public forum.

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #11
Hi guys.

I have been told by the company that our lawyers have advised not to accept any game ideas or games created by people from outside of the company for now.
We need a couple of days in order to figure how this would work.
Some very complicated questions were raised, and it is better not to do it for now.
What we want to do right now is to present the game ideas, and let you guys choose which of them you want to work on.
A list is being prepared, which will be uploaded to our website.
A password will be sent to the programmers who feel like working on the currently available game ideas.
These passwords will be sent to your e-mails.
Please e-mail me at barbosarui@..., and let me know what your e-mail addresses are.
I already got a few e-mails, but have not had time to answer them.
Hopefuly, tomorrow I will send out the passwords and you will be able to get extra, very specific info from our website.
This info will include details about the N.D.A., tye regular contract, time zone issues, a list of the games that we need for the time being and several screenshots of the graphics that we already have for those games.

Thank you for your time,

Rui Barbosa Jr.

P.S.: Someone is going to be hired, in order to coordinate the development with you guys.
At the moment, i am working on a new engine and a port ofour virtual machine to a couple of new hardware platforms, so I wonīt be able to take care of this specific matter.
But the company will find someone with management expertise no latter than middle of next week.
Untill then, you can post your questions here, and I will be happy to to answer them.

Orca(Posted 1+ years ago) #12

Did you receive my email(p0edboy@...)? The only reason I ask is right now its not showing up in my sent mail -_-

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #13

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #14
Hi POedBoy.
Yes, I got your e-mail.

Hereīs how we are going to do...

Please e-mail me at barbosarui@...
In the e-mail, please let me know what user ID you would like to use.
We will then create an account for each one of you guys, so we can contact you directly, on a private environment.

This topic will remain open, so other can find out that about our game development requirements, but mainly communications will take place on a private basis.


Looks like we are going to be able to take a look at your game. Just give us another day to work out the legal stuff, ok?
But it seems that the company lawyers have found a way which will protect your creation and will be very comfortable for both sides.
But please, do not send me any description and/or screenshots until we get that out of the way, ok?

Talk to you guys soon.


Rui Barbosa Jr.

skn3(Posted 1+ years ago) #15
How long is this open ?

I am extremly busy at the moment, but in 2-3 weeks I will have finished my current project.

Is this going to be open that long? if so I am deffinatly interested.

I have all the required experience you state. So if your intereted contact me via skn3ac@... .

Skitchy(Posted 1+ years ago) #16
Okay, sounds good. Nice to get the legal aspect cleared ahead of time :)

I've sent you an e-mail confirming my interest in the project.

One more question : will developers get a choice of royalties/flat-fee, or is that the choice of your company?

Thanks :)

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #17
The plan is to get all game development started by mid-november.
This means that we need to get the games assigned to the individual programmers/programming-teams by noverber 1st.
But this doesnīt mean you are not going to be able to start a new game later, say, sometime around December 15th perhaps?
You can choose one game, from the list on our website, and start working on it later.
But, in this case we would very much appreciate if you culd provide us with links to some sample of your work.
If you start working on the game right away, it is not necessary, thou.

Please e-mail me at barbosarui@... and let me know what user ID you would ike to use, because all sensitive information will only be dispatched to e-mail accounts that are available at our website.

Thanks for your time,

Rui Barbosa Jr.

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #18
The choice is based on a common agreement of both sides.
You may want part of it as cash, plus a certain cash ammount per copy, plus a certain percentage of the profit (sent to you via wire-transfer once a week, every other week or on a monthly basis).
Our company will deal with each individual on a per-case basis.
And games will be treated on a per-case basis as well, even when created by the same programmer/team.

Talk to you guys soon,

Rui Barbosa Jr.

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #19
Hi guys.

Someone has contacted me directly, sending e-mail to

Please, feel free to do so, but DO NOT send screen-shots of any games you have created neither links them, before being asked to.
This can lead to legal problems.

I have to make it very clear that I AM NOT AUTHORIZED to receive screenshots.
I am posting this message, so it becomes very clear that, whoever e-mails me screenshots or links to demos or screen-shots assumes that those have been publicly available PRIOR to answering to this topic.

It is a very complicated matter.

Before anyone asks, it was not anyone who has replyied to my posts in the forum.

Also, keep in mind that I chek this forum more often than I check my e-mail, so if you have a quick question, please ask it here first, ok?

I just asked you to send me links to your previous work.
Just make sure that those are were either publicly available prior to this date and also make sure it is not copyrighted material (or material protected by some kind of N.D.A. or contract).

If anyone would like to show samples of their work, please understand that when you do that, we are assuming that your work has been previously made public, so you have ways to prove that it is your work.

This is just to complicated, and I wish it was not that way. But unfortunately it is.
If the game/application/demo you want to show us does not have anything to do with casino games, gambling software, etc..., then this doesnīt apply.

But, if you have written some gamne that deals with real money, please BE AWARE that I AM NOT AUTHORIZED TO RECEIVE IT, unless in case it is a widely known game, and you/your company already has a patent for it.

BTW.: Skitchy:
You have mentioned that your game could pay prizes based on the score.
I have to mention that the game MUST NOT depend on the players hability.
Prizes must be actualy randomly distributed, no matter how good the player is.
I can not look at your game at the momement, but I thought you should be aware of it, so you have time to make proper changes to it, untill I get the legakl side worket out.

Now, for everyone interested in development, we will provide you with all the statistics and maths for the prizes, so you donīt have to worry about not being an expert in statistics --- we have people here who work exclusively on that.

Thanks for your attention,

Rui Barbosa Jr.

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #20
Hi folks.

The accounts were created, the hidden webpage, with all the info you may need - includding very sensitive information - is also translated into english.
These will all be activated next monday, at 02:00PM, Brazilian time (Rio de Janeiro daylight saings time).
(we are 5 hours ahead of Los Angeles time, due to daylight savings time).

If you are interested in working with us, please send me an e-mail to


(in case you havenīt done that yet)

In that e-mail, let us know what user ID you want us to assign to the e-mail account we will open for you on our mail-server.

E-mails will be accepted until November 15th.

Projects will be start being assigned to programmers and teams at November 1st and that proccess will continue untill December 1st.

If you are not interested, but know someone who could benefit from this, please tell them to check out this forum, or send them instruction on how to do that.
But, if you send information to someone who does not hace access to this forum, make sure you tell them that games will have to be written in Blitz Plus, and all games are plain 2d!

We do not need - and do not want - any 3d games.
Just plain, old-style, one-screen + one bonus screen games.
There are TENS of games we want to deploy, so everyone has got a chance to make money here.

Thanks for your time,

Rui Barbosa Jr.

BlitzSupport(Posted 1+ years ago) #21
Rui, do you have screenshots of the existing 2 games?

Interesting stuff, as I had ideas about buying an arcade machine and trying to interface with a PC running Blitz games, but the arcade videogame market (apart from very big titles) appears to be pretty much dead... I'd read about casino machines running Windows, so it's cool to see that Blitz stuff could end up there!

Seldon(Posted 1+ years ago) #22
Hi, I've just emailed you the User-ID I've chosen, let me know if it's all ok. I've experience on developing real casino games on real custom machines (I mean arcade machines with lights control, coins, etc.. ). I've also already finished games with complete statistics system and all that.
My e-mail: mailto:h.seldon@...

Skitchy(Posted 1+ years ago) #23
Even if you don't want the game I've already done, I'd still be interested in programming one of your pre-defined game ideas. Did you get my e-mail BTW Rui (it doesn't have any screenshots or attachments - I understand how that could compromise the legal situation).
As I said, the game I have is not a 'classic' casino game, but it could easily be made to get impossibly difficult if the player starts winning ;)

In the UK we have an arcade machine that is popular in pubs called the IT BOX. Its a touch-screen machine with a PC inside. You can choose between many different games (some give cash prizes, some don't). The machine is connected to the internet, so there are certain games with 'national' prizes. Games include stuff like 'WordSearch', 'Hangman' and 'Spot the difference'. They start off quite easy, thus drawing the player in (ooh, I'm gonna win!), but become VERY hard just before you reach a 'level' where you'd win any money. Yet you can't help yourself - you remember the easy bits and play again! Is this the sort of machine you are working on?

skn3(Posted 1+ years ago) #24
Rui I have emailed you. Would like to confirm that you recieved it, as I have had some issues with my email account recently.

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #25
Hi folks, Yes, I have just checked my e-mail and I have received them all.
I will not be able to answer them at the moment, becase all my answers have to go trhough my supervisor, so donīt exepect that before monday afternoon (Brazilian time).
All account were created and you will be getting repplies by the time your accounts are activated.
As a "side effect" of our bussiness, everything we do must be explained in reposts, which are sent to the authorities, you know.
So even activating e-mail accounts is not that simple (despite creating them is).

Well, I just came back from the beach.
Itīs been bright, bright sunshinny day :^).

I am married, and one thing that I have promissed my wife is that "no computers will be turned on" on saturdays.
Sheīs staring at me right now, rushing me to turn this thing off...

Just wanted to drop an e-mail so you guys know tha I wonīt be able to reply untill monday, ok?
Now, thatīs monday Brazilian time --- donīt forget that :^)

Talk to you guys on monday.
Have a nice sunday, guys...

Rui Barbosa Jr.

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #26
Rui, do you have screenshots of the existing 2 games?
Yes, I do.
Iīll be glad to e-mail them to you.
But you see, I donīt take work home, so I do not have anything right here --- weīll have to wait untill monday, ok?

Interesting stuff, as I had ideas about buying an arcade machine and trying to interface with a PC running Blitz games, but the arcade videogame market (apart from very big titles) appears to be pretty much dead...

Yeah, Blitz Pluz rules!
When I first bought B3D (about two years ago, I believe), I was actualy trying to get involved with the 3d scene.
Then I was contacted by this company, because they found out that I just arrived from 2 years on the caribean, writting online casino games.
They have hired me, in order to choose and/or develop a suitable architecture for developping their casino games.
I always loved BASIC, despite being fluent with C and other less well know/used languages.
And BASIC seemed to be the perfect choice for this kind of bussiness, as compannies release changes to their games every year - and creative programmers usualy do not like to be involved with projects that take longer than one year.
This was the key point to choosing Blitz 3D as the development platform (we have moved to B+, as we do not need any 3d).
Actualy, the company did not want to go that way, because theyīd been told that BASIC was for begginners and they should choose C, "no matter what".
I have written a couple of succesful games, and they were more than satisfied with the results.
After that, I have defined the underlying technology, including the hardware interfaces, network system, internet-reports, etc...
The only thing that I could not get working directly inside the B+ was the serial port interface, but some other people on the company found a work-around.
So yup, we are pretty sattisfied with what we have achieved during the last 12 months or so.

I'd read about casino machines running Windows, so it's cool to see that Blitz stuff could end up there!

Most definitely.
Besides being easier to develop with than C, the programs are themselves good documentation, because thatīs BASIC source-code.
You also might ask "how about 3d"?
And I will tell you... we do not want to go there...
You are certainly aware that only 18+ years old are allowed to play such games.
What actualy happens is that most people who enjoy casino games are an average 45 years old.
These people did not grow surrounded by 3d environments.
They feel more comfortable with look-and-understand interfaces.
2d is more than enough.
Actualy, some cmpannies have tryied to deploy 3d games for this market, but were unsuccessfull. Guess why?
Because people were afraid of playing those, because they could not understand those games by just looking at them.
Another thing is: your game must be completely self-contained in a single screen (and most likely, another simple screen for a bonus game).
Itīs not like "hey, the less features, the better".
But it still is "hey, the less movement, the better".
What I mean is that appealing graphics most definitely help, but pre-rendered graphics, handled as sprites are just fine.
When a game has a 3d look, but no 3d functionality, these users tend to call it "oh, the 3d one".

See ya,


Rui Barbosa Jr.
P.S.: Please e-mail me at barbosarui@..., and I will create an e-mail account for you, on our server.
There are lotīs of info Iīd like to send you, about our company and about the market, but I am not allowed to release those to any account out of our mail-server.

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #27
Hello everyone.
Accounts were activated.
I will not go through each e-mail that I have received during the last few days, concerning casino games development and answer each of them, one by one.
Each e-mail I send out will have a confirmation of your account ID together with a temporary password.
When you get that, you will be able to log in and change the password.
Necessary it is to say that our company DOES have access to these e-mail accounts, as they are not considered to be personal accounts, and are may be subject to audition at any time, so PLEASE make sure you only use them for communicating with us.
Besides, these accounts may, at any momement, be audited by the brazilian government or any of its accredited auditting partners. So, keep all the talk at the professional level.
If at any time you want to say something that you donīt think is suitable, or have any question that you think might be misinterpreted by the government, please send them through your personnal e-mail account, to:


This e-mail address is supplyied here just for those situations were you donīt feel comfortable knowing that someone else, other than you and our companny, is readding your messages.
Replies to those e-mails that might require special attention, will be sent to your fwg account, unless it is somethin tha you would like to keep private; in such case, please provide us with some e-mail address that only you have access to.

You must understand tht our companny is audicted on a regular basis, as well as at unknown time-intervals, due to the nature of our bussiness.

We do not work on anything that is not 100% covered by the brazilian laws; this also means that we are heavily inspected all the time.

Please, donīt let this "scare" you :^)
I just donīt want to get questions like "hey, what kind of algorythm should I use to take all of the players money?".
We do not do that kind of thing.
Actualy, games must be randomly valid in their essence.
In other words, all of our games are 100% ruled by chance (or lack of it thereof).
We do not employ "hidden mechanisms" and shall not let anyone do that.
So, please donīt even ask that kind of thing, because that could give auditors the impression that we would do such things.

Well, na... I know it sucks, but I was instructed to inform you of the above.
Also, we must make it very clear, PUBLICLY, that all games are ruled by chance, and chance alone.
Also, EVERY PLAYER has the same chance, no matter how skilled he/she is.
This has a very interesting and rather annoying implication: startegy games, like blackjack or poker, for instance, must be deald with in different ways, deppending on which state they are targted to.
Some states will require the random part of it, but will also demand that the players skill is also a domminant factor, while other states require that the payback rate of the machine MUST NOT depend on the players skills.
Yes, youīve heard it right... Suppose a slot machine, running a poker game, letīs say some sort of deuceīs wild, and is sitting on a casino for one month.
Now, letīs say that during the last 30 days, no good player has played at it and the machine is holding, say, 50% of itīs income.
Letīs also assume that that machine is labeled as a 90% pbr slot machine, sealed by an accredited government auditor.
It means that, at some point, the machine IS GOING TO HAVE TO forget its randomness a FORCE big prizes, in order to get as close to 90% as possible.
We want to make it clear that this is the ONLY manipulation we apply to the maths in our game; and we only do that when it is specifically REQUIRED by the stte where the machine is going to be played at.

Well, I will now start answering the e-mails.
Pleae be patient, as I will try to answer all questions I am allowed to.
Rest asured that e-mails will all get a reply.
Also, e-mails will be replyied in a FIFO basis (hehe... nice computer lingo, he?).
(First-In-First-Out, as opposed to a stack, where it is LIFO, or Last-In-First-Out, for those who do not know it already :^)).

Talk to you guys soon.


Rui Barbosa Jr.

_Skully(Posted 1+ years ago) #28
I found this statement hilarious:

"Also, we must make it very clear, PUBLICLY, that all games are reuled but chance, and chamne alone"

Thats as clear as it gets... your Chamne the public so they reu the day they played LOL

J/K though... but you might want to edit that LOL


3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #29
Funny how they have evolved, he?
They have evolved in such a way that they can actuly "make sense" hehe
Thanks, Skully :)

Rui Barbosa Jr.

ckob(Posted 1+ years ago) #30
I emailed you and havent recieved a reply did u get it? ckob@...

LostCargo(Posted 1+ years ago) #31
Please check your email. I am interested in being involved. I work for the casino's Here in British Columbia (Canada) and develop their custom software packages on a contract basis.

If you havent gotten it my email is anvil@...

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #32
Hi guys,

The last batch of e-mails will go out today.
We chose to answer them on an individual basis, so this takes a little more time - many of the e-mails have evolved to conversations on the phone, which is really good in order to get to know each other a little bit better.
So, donīt worry if you still didnīt get a reply.

Rui Barbosa Jr.

_Skully(Posted 1+ years ago) #33

These types of games seem like they would be extremely easy to make. Are you only doing slots type games?

Do you use some kind of white-noise random number generator? or is it relying on a computer based algorithm?


3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #34
Hi _Skully,

Yes, these games are relatively easy to write, indeed.
BUT, you have to remember that they have to connect to our hardware and also have to a consistent, fool-proof, administration screen/set of screens.
Whe definetely want other types of games, too - not just slot machines, but also card games, roulette; inm hort, every kind of known casino games, as well as new concepts, too.

We rely on B+ random number generator.
Actualy, all games MUST get the random numbers from our lib, because it is a (very simplistic) computer generated random number which is auditable by the government.
Absolutely all chances in the game must be determined by our random number generator, but that is a very easy task.

Sorry for the delay, to all those who havenīt received the reply yet.
We are extremely bsy here, working on a very detailed documment, which we are translating to english, so we can make it available to everyone who has contacted us.

Thereīs still time to e-mail us with your user ID, as we will primarily consider programmers who submit untill the 31st.

This document will answer to all of the questions we have received.
Questions conserning deadlines, contracts, payment, how much money a machine makes every month, list of games that we need, samples of graphics, screenshots of our current games, etc...
Itīs all going to be in there.

I am currently allocated to take care of that subject, but I also have lotīs of stuff to work on, so please be patient; someone is being hired, who is going to take care of this specific matter.
As a matter of fact, we may select the candidate today.

So, things will move on faster, on our side.

Thanks for your comprehension.

Trully yours,

Rui Barbosa Jr.

Orca(Posted 1+ years ago) #35

Sorry to bother but I sent you a reply email with my chosen account ID on friday(the 24th). I was under the impression the account information was being emailed to everyone yesterday but I've still yet to receive anything.

I just dont want to be left out of the fun :)

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #36

Donīt worry; Weīve got your e-mail.


Please call us at the number givven bellow, or let us know what phone number we can reach you at. Also, let us know what time it would be better for you, to accept a call and what time zone you are in.


All accounts have been activated.
But we were not really expecting such a quick reply from everyone.
Now that we are hiring someone to coordinate this matter, things will go more smoothly.

In the mean time, everyone who has immediate questions, please feel free to call me at +552191572472.

Or e-mail me at


with a phone number I can reach you at.

(Please remember that some questions, I will not be able to answer, but most questions will be answered promptly).
(Also, remember that we are based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).
Feel free to call anytime from 10:00AM (our time) thru 11:59AM (also, our time) and 01:30PM (guess which time zone :)) thru 10:00PM (again, Rio de Janeiro time).

We are SIX hours ahead of Los Angeles Time.


Rui Barbosa Jr.

Seldon(Posted 1+ years ago) #37
Ehi, Rui, from your description it seems we both have managed to realize a very similar system to handle casino machine systems under Blitz (serial port matter, government checking, number generator, forced winning, etc.. etc.. it's all the same here :). Maybe we could afford it together and save a lot of working time. :) Anyway, I do hope we can arrange a collaboration. I have a working casino game, a slot machine.. I'm looking for your e-mail to start talking more deeply.


Seldon(Posted 1+ years ago) #38

as I'm programmer of such kind of games, I can tell you they can seem easy, but they aren't. First, all the random system is difficult because you must calculate the winning BEFORE it is showed on the screen (that's due to government laws, like forced winning, etc..). Besides, usually such games have MANY settings (at least, my slot has something like 100 settings, chosen by the user) and it isn't easy to handle a game with all those parameters. Such settings are needed because casino's owners must be able to change many aspects of the same game according to customers tastes. And any casino can have different kind of people who go there to play.
There is all the custom hardware you must control, lights, special keyboard, coin receiver. You must think of a system that saves the current match most often than possible just in case the machine is switched off accidentally (players don't want to loose their money !). Then, it comes the game itself.. that can be relatively easy. A slot with 9 indipendent wheels can be difficult, especially as regards the winning calculation (and don't forget bonus screens, etc..). Also, wheels must seem to stop when the player presses the stop key, but they must stop when the program wants (that's because of what I said before, laws says that sometimes you must generate a certain winning). So, it isn't all easy as it can seem. :-)

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #39
Hi Seldom.

Just read your posts.
Yes, I can tell that you definitely are into the casino games bussiness.
What company do you work at?
If we are not direct competitors, we might end up making a joint-effort here :^)
Looks like things can get bigger that we thougt possible.
What country is your company based at?
What countries does your company sell slot machines to?
Again, as long as we are not direct competitors, our company would like to hear from what your ideas are concerning this effort.


Rui Barbosa Jr.

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #40
Seldon: Please e-mail me at


And give me some contact info.
We have the info materials almost ready to go live.
But we would like to talk to you on the phone, first.

Deppendin on our conversation, we can work something out... something bigger.

Please contact us at the phone number provided above and lets talk.


Rui Barbosa Jr.

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #41
To everyone:

I forgot tomention on my last post...

Smeone has already been hired, who is going to coordinate the development effort.
Transition will happen sometime tomorrow, so expect to be receiving e-mail from this new manager (I donīt know his/her name yet).

Good luck to everyone...

Rui Barbosa Jr.

Seldon(Posted 1+ years ago) #42

I sent you an e-mail on friday (still no answer though). You didn't get ? I'll send you another e-mail. I'm from Italy, the Slot machine was developed by me (so I've full rights on it and registered according Italian author's copyright) and then given to the factory. Such company just works in Italy and few east European countries, so it's fine. I'll give you further informations by email directly. My address is mailto:h.seldon@...

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #43
As part of the transition effort, I will be available online on messenger.
I am logged in as barbosarui@....
Please feel free to contact me, and ask your questions.

I will be also available online tomorrow and probably on thursday.
Starting friday, Mr. Marco will be the responsible forthe development coordination, and you will be contacted by him.

Ya know, I am new to all these management tasks.
There are people who live in places that are 5 hours behind Rio de Janeiro time, and people who are 5 hours ahead of Rio de Janeiro time.
So, I am not able to work all this stuff out.

Mr. Marco, on the other hand, has experience with this kind of management, and hopefully will deal with it very comfortably.

He still might need you to contact me, whenever you need to ask something tha is strictly technical, so we are going to keep contact, but Marco will be the primary contact on our compannyīs side.

Now, get online and ask me your questions :)


Rui Barbosa Jr.

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #44
Hi again.

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #45
Hi again.
For those who donīt have/donīt like messenger, I am also available on ICQ.
My number is 340405788.


Rui Barbosa Jr.

_Skully(Posted 1+ years ago) #46

Is it fair to say that basically the game is a "set up the playfield", "push this button to go" or "push this button to stop type thing?" or can there be controls in the middle? I realize the hard part about this would be controlling the win state regardless of user input...


WolRon(Posted 1+ years ago) #47

I sent you an e-mail on Monday (still no answer though). Please respond if you received it. I will post my email address again here: rwolbeck@...

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #48
05:56AM in Rio.
I got up early today - we are going to have a meeting early in the morning today, concerning the development coordination.
I am really sorry for the delay.
I hope you guys understand that I, Rui Barbosa Jr., am a developper, just like you guys.
I have no management skills so, basically Iīve been dealing with the coordination of the game development effort, while still being responsible for my own development for the company.
But, as you know, Marcos has just been hired in order to take care of that subject.
I know many of you havenīt received the reply to your e-mails, but now things are going to get smoother.
Still, expect a little delay, perhaps from today to tomorrow, as Marcos must be taught some concepts about our working flow at the company, etc...
Also, he is going to present his proposal for the management model, so a couple of things might change, today, concerning the way we communicate, etc...
I was glad to talk to many of you people last night, vias Messenger.
My ICQ wasnīt really working, because of the compannys firewall policy, I guess. I will have that fixed today.
So, please, if you have a chance to contact me via Messenger or ICQ, please do.
If you try, and get no answer, or I am not online, it probably means that I am still on the meeting (which could last many hours).

Thanks for your comprehension.
Your fellow developper,

Rui Barbosa Jr.

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #49
Itīs 01:53PM down here, in Rio de Janeiro.
The meeting will last for another hour.
Just wanted to keep you guys informed.
As soon as the meeting is over, Marcos and I will probably do some technical chatting for about another hour.
After that, Marcos will take the task, and is going to contact you guys.
BTW.: Communication is going tobe easier now; The companny will implement Marcosī communication model, but youīll hear more about that later.


Rui Barbosa Jr.

Andy(Posted 1+ years ago) #50
>This e-mail address is supplyied here just for those
>situations were you donīt feel comfortable knowing that
>someone else, other than you and our companny, is readding
>your messages.

Then I would suggest that you use another mail provider.

This is an excerpt from the Hotmail Terms of Service.

Microsoft does not claim ownership of the materials you provide to Microsoft (including feedback and suggestions) or post, upload, input or submit to any MSN Site/Service or its associated services for review by the general public, or by the members of any public or private group, (each a "Submission" and collectively "Submissions"). However, by posting, uploading, inputting, providing or submitting ("Posting") your Submission you are granting Microsoft, its affiliated companies and necessary sublicensees permission to use your Submission in connection with the operation of their Internet businesses (including, without limitation, all MSN Sites/Services), including, without limitation, the license rights to: copy, distribute, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, reproduce, edit, translate and reformat your Submission; to publish your name in connection with your Submission; and the right to sublicense such rights to any supplier of a MSN Site/Service.

No compensation will be paid with respect to the use of your Submission, as provided herein. Microsoft is under no obligation to post or use any Submission you may provide and Microsoft may remove any Submission at any time in its sole discretion.

By Posting a Submission you warrant and represent that you own or otherwise control all of the rights to your Submission as described in these Terms of Use including, without limitation, all the rights necessary for you to provide, post, upload, input or submit the Submissions.


3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #51
Well, meeting is over.
Marcos is now in charge of development coordination.
Hereīs a brief intro by himself...

My name is Marcos, and on the internet I use my last name, Bird, as my login, so you can call me Bird - not MR. Bird, please.

I have spend the last several hours with Rui and other people from the companny, and am aware of the development efforts.

Rui is now going to give me some more in-depth knowledge of the system as it is used by the games tht are currently out.

This may take the rest of the day.
Right after that, I will contact everyone, and give you the guidelines for further contacting/developing.

I am aware that many of you have already contacted the company, via Ruiīs e-mail address.
Somethings will change now, as to make it easier for everyone to contact us.
No more need for special e-mail account or other things like that.
Rui will keep contact, for all technical matters.
Other stuff, please contact me, directly, as Mr. Barbosa already has his own assignements, and is no longer responsible for the game development coordination.

Iīll get back later, and post some realy useful stuff here, whitin the next 3 to four hours.
Please check this topic again in a few hours.

Thanks for the interest in joinning the development effort.

Yours trully,

Bird, Marcos
Develpment Coordination
F.W.G./Belro Comercial Ltda
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

So, there it is.
Now, to everyone who proceeds and starts developing with us, please feel free to contact me at my e-mail,


Birdy will take charge of coordination, so you are going to get messages from him.
Good luck everyone.

See you around.

Rui Barbosa Jr.

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #52
Hello everyone.

This is Marcos Bird.

I am connecting with Ruiīs account for a GUID is needed in ordr to be able to post on the forums.
The companny is going to be getting me a copy of Blitz3D, which the already have two registered copies of, by the way, in order to get me an exclusive, personal user ID.
This will avoid confusion to wheter it is a post by Rui or myself.

Meanwhile, letīs get to work...

First, I want to explain that initial communications will be allowed to be made on public forums.
For the very least, public forums allow for an easy way to make publicly available that everyone who will join us is aware that:
- You can not develop any casino games for us if you are under 18 years old (in some countries it might be 21 years so please make sure you meet the age requirements of your country/state/provincy, etc...)
- The companny is not looking for HIRING developpers.
We are offering you an opportunity to develop casino games and profit from your work.
- The companny doesnīt require you to work any number of hours per day/any number of days per week.
You are free to work on your spare time, etc...
- Any legal agreement will require both parties to sign a contract. The contents of the contract will only be disclose when that step is taken.
- After signing the contract, developpers will be supplied with confidential information, so yes, there will be plenty of legal jargon on it, so we suggest you ask for professional help BEFORE signing the contract. By signing it, you will be agreeing to all of its terms.
- The contract will be translated to english, so all contracts will be sent out in english, no matter what coutry you are at - even for brazilian devloppers, should that happen.
- Of course, developers must be ale to provide us with a list of used tools and prrof of purchase of such toolsm etc...
For example: if you use a graphics package to create something for the game, you must identify that package, and provide us some proof of purchase/registration, as we do not want to be involved with people who are using hacked versions of any software tool.
- Your games will have to be compatible with our hardware interface abd some external applications such as our game server technology, etc...

Now, for some specifics:

* First, we want everyone to choose one of the games in the following list:

Card Games
. Video Poker
. Deuces Wild
. Jacks Or Better
. Blackjack
. Three types of blackjack will be needed
. Baccarat
. Roulette
. American style
. European style
. Slot machines
. Several types.
This is the kind of game you wull be able to apply all your criativity... provided the game results are generated by our government-auditable random number generator.
. Bingo games
. Four Cards x 15 numbers x 33 + 3 balls
. Six cards x 15 numbers x 33 + 3 balls, 42 + 3 balls
. Four cards x 24 numbers x 33 + 3 balls

Games created by yourslef, which are ready to be converted to our requirements will also be considered.
But the companny REQUIRES you to register it with some legal authority, so you have some way to proof the game was designed by yourself.

All games must not rely on the players hability to play.
Fr games that involve strategy, it is important to allow fo a pure random outcome generation mechanism, yet it must implement an enable/disable flag for forcing GOOD results when the game is not paying the payback rate which it is advertised to be, due to lack of good tactics by the players.
This will only apply to places where this FORCING mechaninsm is required by law.

What we offer.
We can not disclose too much on a public forum.
So, this is what can be made publicly available:

- You get the option to coose a mix of per-copy PLUS a share of the profits generated by the companny.
- Let us know wjat you per-copy price is, privately. DO NOT post in here. People who do so, will not be considered for development.
- In case you do not charge a per-copy price, you will have a 5% to 10% share of the profits generated by your game - deppending on the cmplexity of the game.
A well written, aproved slot machin game, good-looking one, will most klikely to be offered around 7.5% share of th compannyīs profits.
- Profits means the money made by the game, which is computed on a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly basis.
Machines which are sold will generate a one-time, bigger, profit.
Machines which are operated by our companny will generate a profit which is the result of the machines in-money less the out-money (coin-in - coin-out), divided by two, because the owner of the casino/bingo-hall gets half of it.

The deadline for choosing to join us is tomorrow, at 06:00PM, brazilian time.


Every game in the list mneds at least one bonus game screen.
Bonus games can be very simple, like: heads-or-tails, paper-scisors-stone, is-the-card-bigger-or-smaller?, is-the-next-ball-bigger-or-smaller? etc...

Deadline for delivering the completed games is June 5th, 2004.
Before we sign a contract, it is necessary tha people choose what game they want to develop.
It is not garanteeded that you wil be assigned the game you choose.
Please, e-mail your choice to


(Tomorrow, you will be provided another e-mail address, which will be directed to me).

Once you choose one of the games in the list, you will be givven one month to present an executable which at least resembles the game chosen.
It does not need good graphics.
And doesnīt need to work properly.
But it is absolutely necessary that after that one month period, you have created some material that is decent enough to prove that you will be able to complete the game by June 5th, 2004.
If it takes you less than one month, even better.
But people who fail to release that in one month will lose the option to develop that game, which will be passed on, probably to someone who has already presented proof of skills for developing another game.
After we get that pre-pre-alpha-prototype, we will proceed to signing the contract.
It will then be necessary to have an hour-hour conversation on the phone, and ONLY THEN, communication will take place on the account which will be activated on our servers.

Please, let me know if you have any wuestions concerning this post.

We have a couple of screens of some games that are finished and working.
Can omeone please tell me how to post them here?

Yours truylly,

Marcos Bird
Development Coordinatior
F.W.G/Belro Comercial
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

P.S.: All games bust be written in Blitz Plus.
No B3D or B2D - only B+ will be accepted.
We are not affiliated to Blitz Research nor do we get anything from them.
Te company has built its technology on top of Blitz3D and has modified it to work with Blitz Plus.
Thatīs the reason why only Blitz Plus games will be accepted.

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #53
Questions, please?
Deadline is tomorrow...


Marcos Bird
Development Coordinatior
F.W.G/Belro Comercial
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Orca(Posted 1+ years ago) #54
I've sent an email to the barbosarui@... address. I guess I might as well repeat my question from that here, as others might be interested.

What level of polish are you guys looking for on our initial pre-pre-alpha-prototype's? I know it says doesnt need good graphics, doesnt need to work properly(?!?).

That does seem a little vague though. I can probably crack off a basic slot machine in the next 20 min or so if I wanted. So can you provide more specifics of what you would need or like to see in these demos?

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #55
Hi PoedBoy.
Bird here.
I have already replyied to your e-mail and had the same idea as you... to post the answer here, because that is something I should have covered in my previous post.

If you can write a slot machie in a couple of days, then thatīs better...
A roulette game probably would take at least one to two weeks to get working (being able to drag chips around to the places where you want to place your bets, etc... can prove to b more complex than it seems).

What we need, is a proof of concept.
This means we are looking for a good look at what the developer is capable of.
For example: if you come up with a crappy slots in one day, that would be just as good as an almost finished slots game brought to us in 4 weeks - this is just one example.

So, we decided to go with the one month (starting tomorrow), so that even people who never wrote a game, but has a good game on mind or can creates good graphics for a crappy game or knows a lot of maths behind the game, can present us a pre-pre-alpha-prototype kind of thing, which will let us (the technical crew, led by Rui) to see if at least the developper is going in the right direction.

The sooner you got something to show, the better, thou...
This could makes us confident enough in someones skills, in order to allow him/here to work on multiple games at once.
(No more than three, in principle).

I hope this is clear enough.
Let me know if you have more questions, or if it is not clear yet.

Marcos Bird
Development Coordinatior
F.W.G/Belro Comercial
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

ckob(Posted 1+ years ago) #56
deadlines tomorrow? thats no time at all to write a game

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #57
Deadline for submitting, that is :)
Wha I meant is: the companny will be onsidering programmers who choose one of the games in the list untill tomorrow.
Or, in other words, we can not guarantee that there is still going to be any game available on the list, after tomorrow.

The deadline for releasing the finished gam is June 5th, 2004 - plenty of time.


Marcos Bird
Development Coordinatior
F.W.G/Belro Comercial
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Paul "Taiphoz"(Posted 1+ years ago) #58
God I cant read all of that.. my head hurts..

Rui. e-mail on way m8. I await your reply.

_Skully(Posted 1+ years ago) #59
It would be really cool if you could post a demo of something so everyone can get a good idea of what you are looking for...

Yavin: Did you make those two little graphics yourself?


3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #60

There are several screens I would like to post here, be hav no clu of how itīs done.
Ruiīs left, so thereīs no one who could help me do this.
You guys know how to post an image?


Marcos Bird
Development Coordinatior
F.W.G/Belro Comercial
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Who was John Galt?(Posted 1+ years ago) #61
Marcos- the image needs to be put on a website, then type a link like....
(without the quotes)

You say that if a game idea is developed from scratch it must be regisered with a design authority, but if I developed a game from the list I presume I do no need to do this. Correct?

_Skully(Posted 1+ years ago) #62
I thought you put

{img} but change the {}'s to []'s


Who was John Galt?(Posted 1+ years ago) #63
Skully whatever you did it worked!

_Skully(Posted 1+ years ago) #64
Its shown below it... [ img http:// ] with no spaces


3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #65

Bird here.

Rui just reminded me that some of you guys might not be able to work on your games on work days.
That is, some people only work on games during the weeked.
So, these same guys could not be checking this forum during the week.
Then, we have decided to extend the submition deadline to monday 08:00AM, Rio de Janeiro Time (6 hours ahead of California time, due to daylinght time savings).

I will be posting some more info after a quick meeting weīll have in about one 2 hours.

Marcos Bird
Development Coordinator
F.W.G/Belro Comercial
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Paul "Taiphoz"(Posted 1+ years ago) #66
OK Rui. I have now sent you off an e-mail, in fact I sent it the other day. I was just wondering if your sending out replies to the mails your getting ?

Was just wondering if you had gotten my mail ok.

Anyway. Ill just wait for a mail reply. l8r.!!!!

_Skully(Posted 1+ years ago) #67

Did you see the instructions I posted for posting images?


_Skully(Posted 1+ years ago) #68
I mean't Bird sorry... to post an image just put the URL inside of [ img=url here]


WolRon(Posted 1+ years ago) #69
Bird, I have sent two emails (to Rui) and have received no replies as of yet. This worries me that you may not have received my emails. I do not wish to miss the deadline to sign up for this so if you have received my emails then a confirmation of such would be greatly appreciated.

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #70

Hi, Rui here.
Yes, we have received your e-mails.
Bird will post some info here on monday (including some images and links to demos of some of our games).


Rui Barbosa Jr.

SurreaL(Posted 1+ years ago) #71

I've thrown in my 2 cents into an email to the original address given as well.. Sounds like you guys have lots to go through but I thought I'd mention here as well :) Send any information to blitzplay@... if you can.

Much appreciated!

_Skully(Posted 1+ years ago) #72
They prolly got a million responses, now they must filter lol


_Skully(Posted 1+ years ago) #73
Same situation as Surreal... emailed but no reply yet. Busy huh lol... I'll just keep working on MaxPlay until I hear back.


Skitchy(Posted 1+ years ago) #74
I've already got a fruit machine 'engine' up and running.
I'm trying to make it almost general-purpose (on the request of Bird) so that you could make a bunch of machines off the same code.
Took about 2 days on and off so far. It can handle the whole 'forced winning' thing based on a percentage of money in - money out.
Holds, nudges and the 'trail' are done.
Some GFX too.

I'd really like to see those screenshots you mentioned Rui/Bird, so I know what direction to move graphically. :)

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #75
Hi everyone.

Bird here.

We got 2 demo versions of a couple of our games.
We do not want to upload them, because unauthorized people could get them, somehow.
What we want to do is send both games to each personīs e-mail address.
But we wonīt do that without first asking for your permission.

There are two games, one is 9Mb and the other one is 14Mb.
They are complete games, with sound, maths, administrative system, etc...

They also look great - much better than what we are looking for, actualy.

So please, e-mail rui(he will prepare a duifferent version, for each individual, containing your e-mail address hardcoded in the game itself) at

rui@..., with the subject:


is the companny that division of our companny which creates the hardware that our games run on.
Actualy, if you go to the website, you will be able to see a picture of the main interface board as well.

Please do that, and in the body of the e-mail, please specify which game you want (9M or 14M or both).

Thanks for your interest.

Marcos Bird
Development Coordinator
F.W.G/Belro Comercial
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

skn3(Posted 1+ years ago) #76
I am unable to recieve such large files.
Surely you could upload a password protected archive ?

_Skully(Posted 1+ years ago) #77
Ya no doubt.. I dont know too many email systems that will allow a file greater that 5megs through...

I could host it here on my server, but Im sure they have their own resources available for such things.


WolRon(Posted 1+ years ago) #78
Sorry but I agree with Skully. I think most systems will not allow more than 5 megs, some even only 1 meg (as in my case). You will have to provide a different means to allow us to view them.

_Skully(Posted 1+ years ago) #79
I wish it was legal to host gambling in Canada... D'oh!


3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #80
Hi everyone.

Bird here.
We are uploading those games to our server.
I will come back and give you the url.

Then, you will have to connect to MSN Messenger or ICQ, and get a personal password, in order to download them.

We are on a hurry here... many things happening at the same time.


Marcos Bird
Development Coordinator
F.W.G/Belro Comercial
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

WolRon(Posted 1+ years ago) #81
Hi everyone. I had a conversation with Rui this afternoon and he gave me some system specs for the end machines and some other info. I thought you guys might be interested in seeing it so here it is: (edited (somewhat) for readability)

Rui says:
The games will run on Athlon 1.1 MHz machines with 128Mb RAM
VRAM is either 8 or 16Mb
depending on how much VRAM your game needs
we will pick th corresponding video card
Resolution will be 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 --- your choice
color should be 16 bit per pixel
if your game runs well with 32, then itīs ok
but keep the hardware platform in mind...
We use 16 bits because somewhere in the B+ and B3D documentation, it says something like "try to use 16 bits".
Thatīs why we never used 32 bits, for instance
I am not sure how performance would be affected by 32 bits, though

the company has tried to go with old machines, but these are hard to maintain, so now we always use the cheapest CURRENTLY available configuration
this means that maybe tomorrow our platform will increase, because we no longer will be able to buy 1.1GHz machines... we may need to raise it up to 1.8GHz, for instance

We will provide you with all the graphics you need
the graphics will be created as required
for instance, letīs say you need a table, with 500 x 300 x 16 bits, for a blackjack game
all youīd have to do is ask Riccardo, the lead designer, and he will assign that task to someone in the art department
but I encourage you to use placeholders for now.
but you are free to choose the item sizes as you need
you are the boss... you tell us what sizes and positions... we will just have to make sure the images will look good for the brazilian audience

just keep one thing in mind: every time you need to display a message inside of a box, for instance, that message probably is going to use more screen real-state than you originally thought.
thatīs because all messages will have to be translated into portuguese. And portuguese sometimes uses long expressions...
actually, it sometimes DOES NOT use short expressions
so, "Hit" would become "Pede Carta"
And "Split" would become "Dobra a Aposta"
donīt worry about translating messages. You wonīt have to deal with portuguese at all...
just keep in mind that message boxes should always be sized in such a way that we can translate the messages down here, and the translated message must fit the originally assigned box
A quick rule of thumb would be: make space svailable so you can write a message twice as long as the original one

Ron says:
Can I modify a graphic that you sent to me (such as the 500x300 suggested earlier) if I feel it will fit the game better?

Rui says:
feel free to use anything you want

Ron says:
Sounds are the same as graphics? I ask you for a sound, you provide?

Rui says:
if it is a voice message (should you want to use any), be aware that it is going to be in portuguese

file naming will be determined by yourself.

_Skully(Posted 1+ years ago) #82
The best way to go about doing this is to have a language file that can be changed in the game itself.. so you make all comments within that text file and change it for the language being used.


and then size things like text boxes and graphics based on the pixel width of each string.


Who was John Galt?(Posted 1+ years ago) #83
So have some of you guys got the go-ahead on a particular game now? I haven't heard anything.

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #84
Hi guys.

Rui here.
Bird is hiring 2 more people to work with him for coordinating the game development effort.
These two new guys will work under his suppervision.

The task of coordinating such a team has proven to be a herculean one.
Too many nuances, contracts being trasnlated to english, but all of them with substantial differences, for there are programers from all over the world, from British Columbia to Italy, to Germany, etc...
He (Bird) is having a not-so-good-time dealing with legal intricacies regarding each countries policy.
He is doing a per-country contract kind of effort.

I am not aware of everything that is currently happenning in the legal front, but as far as I can tell, things are going fine.
As a matter of fact, I just left a meeting with Bird and the directors.

They are still on the meeting, working on some non-technical matters.
But it has been spotted that, due to the number of developpers, Bird has not been able to coordinate things well and was not able to get thing rolling as smooth as desired - thatīs way he decided tha the companny has to hire two other coordinators.

Itīs something new to all of us down here, and probably is new to you guys as well, so I would like to ask you to be patient, and asure you that Bird is doing all tht is inhumanly possible to achieve the goals.

He is involved with many things going on, specially regarding the legal aspects, so please allow him another couple of days before you get something really consistent comming from him and/or his subordinates (is that the word?).

Meanwhile, feel free to ask questions and give us some feedback, etc...
But PLEASE, whenever you e-mail me, add the "Att. Rui" to the subject line, so I know it is something technical, i.e., it is something that *I* am supposed to read, not Bird.

About the upload, everything went well.
But the Java guys here did not release the url - the guys are very picky about allowing this kind of access.
So, we are a 100+ employees company, and naturaly things are sometimes slower than we would like.

Rest asured that I will be following Birds steps (hehehe) and make sure things go as fast as it can go.

Answering to 0DEFx, yes, we got some deals going on, and three games were already selected.

As Bird stated in a previous post, please go ahead and work on a very simple version of the casino game you choose from the games list.
As soon as you get something to show, no matter how ugly (or how buggy for that matter) it is, please send us a copy of the executable.

I (together with the Casino software crew) will check it out and most likely, give it the ok, so you guys can proceed to the legal aspects, with Bird and his team (the two new guys will be hired within the next couple of days).

Thank you all for yourtime.

Rui Barbosa Jr.

Seldon(Posted 1+ years ago) #85

You mean an external file to be loaded ? Not a bad idea, though I'd use some DATAs statements in the source containing all the different strings. Just use Restore to set the pointer to data you need to read and you change the user language. Internal things are faster, safer and often more handy. You could even keep different include files with DATA statements: simply you change the include file and you change the language. For such games, changing the language isn't an option for users.

WolRon(Posted 1+ years ago) #86
@Seldon & Skully
The only thing about changing the include file is that the program has to be recompiled. Changing a text file requires no recompiling and can allow a machine to easily be changed from portuguese to english for example simply by
renaming a file on the machine or
changing a line in a seperate file that points to the file to load.

These are both good ideas though and I think I will use one of them.

_Skully(Posted 1+ years ago) #87
I find its just easier to have an external file translated

Even more so, you can have an administrative portion of the game that comes up when it starts with language options...


Seldon(Posted 1+ years ago) #88
Of course you've to add an admnistrative screen, I tell you it's just my opinion (though I'm into that business as programmer) : try to avoid as more as possible the use of external files. Besides it's safer to let user change just the option he/she has to deal with. Or at least, let such option available to you alone. If not, you'll have a lot of users (i.e. owners of bingo halls or casinos who aren't expert computer people) complaining the program has changed the language and they can swore they didn't nothing wrong or pushed any wrong buttons.

_Skully(Posted 1+ years ago) #89
Administrative options would not appear unless you hold down a key or something and the default can be set in a config file. This way in case of power fail it would just restart and carry on from the last save point and the users wouldn't be the wiser. Obviously such administrative options would have to be protected in some way (password) as well. It was mentioned earlier that there needs to be adminstrative options to customize the game for customer preferences as well.. so there already needs to be an administrative component. In fact... wouldnt be hard to make an admin program that does all this via the network.



skn3(Posted 1+ years ago) #90
Am I to understand that no-one has recieved reply emails ?

Or is it just me lol. Are we meant to be doing something, or waiting for some kind of confirmation, information from rui/bird.

I have sent a "which game" email to the address given, but had no word back (that includes emails back from any! of the emails I sent out)

Just wondering what is supposed to be happening. I don't want to start programming this demo to show, if somone else has already been assigned to the game.

Im sure you can understand this...

_Skully(Posted 1+ years ago) #91
I havent received anything either...


soja(Posted 1+ years ago) #92

_Skully(Posted 1+ years ago) #93
I've decided to make this game anyway regardless.. I've already got a table model coming and have several components working.. This will probably be one of the quickest projects ever lol.. plus, I can keep working at my own pace and... not to be cocky, I think its going to be awesome when its done :)

WolRon(Posted 1+ years ago) #94
How do you all feel about revealing here which game(s) you were planning on doing? If we are intended to begin on one already, then at least it would be nice to know if someone else here had the same idea. I don't really feel like competing against someone else if it's not necessary.

I was planning on doing Jacks or Better. I might try Baccarat as well.

Bird: If this is supposed to be confidential then I apologize for being unaware.

_Skully(Posted 1+ years ago) #95
Im doing Roulette in Blitz3D. My modeller is making the table and wheel right now... go Vertigo go!

I'm setting it up for both 37 and 38 slot systems as the states uses a board with 00 in addition to 0, A back-end network based administration program using BlitzPlus including but not limited to a language switch and play-mode switchs including the 37 or 38 slot option, etc...

I can't think of a single reason why this would be confidential (especially since I havent heard jack from them yet) lol

I think what they would want confidential is information specific to their organization, intellectual property or processes.


3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #96
Hi folks.
Too many meetings ging on down here, worry.
Youīve got to understand that this is no somple matter - at all!!!
Many things are involved.
This is a whole new way to work for us as well.

Please go ahead and post here which games you wre working on.

As I told you guys, Bird is not going to be posting anything consistent untill tomorrow.
We have been busy, JUST because two more people are being hired in order to get things going smoothly.

As far as *I* know, the only thing to keep confiddential is the finnantial agreement that you will make with the copany - as soon as you get your demo working.

Of course we cannot go ahead and think... ok, "this guy here is going to write slots; that one guy is going to write roulette; etc..." BEFORE seeing something.

As a matter of fact, THREE people are already working on games which are already finished and are just making small adjustments in order to be compatible with our admin system and stuff...

So go ahead, and IF YOU WANT, please write a demo of one of the games in the list.
We will review the demo and will then decide whether the individual is capable of delivering the complete game by june 5th 2004.
You donīt have to write anything, if you donīt want to... but the faster you can get something to show us, the sooner we all will be making money together.


Rui Barbosa Jr.

P.S.: There are three games alkready being changed to support our systemīs features. And all these guys have already talked to us and things were all set up, regarding payment per copy, royalties, etc...
So, go ahead and get your ticket to been a succesfull casino game developper.

Skitchy(Posted 1+ years ago) #97
For the record I'm working on a fruit machine (slot machine).

Orca(Posted 1+ years ago) #98
Phew! well at least I know now I'm not the only one feeling a little "left out" by all of the communication issues :)

Anyhow, I was planning on doing a slot/fruit machine as I've never really payed attention to cardgames and whatnot. If it comes down to it though, I'll work on something else...may have to go do some "research" in vegas :D

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #99
Hi guys.

Rui here.
I was just checking the forums.
I am posting just to let you know that things are going well down here (despite most of the evolution is on the behind-the-scenes side of it).

Bird is doing a great work on the coordination effort, and will get back to you guys with a much more appropriate backup.

Actualy, I also have a question...
Bird is coordinating the development of a small website, which will soon be available to all you guys.
The only thing missing is a Forum that we can use.

Does anyone know of a forum we could use?
We donīt want to post stuff on those online-forum hosts kind of deal.
We actualy want to buy some forum server software that we can install on one of our servers.
Any ideas?


Rui Barbosa Jr.

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #100
After that is on place, Bird is going to have his own personal communication channel with you guys.

You know, I DO understand the compannyīs concern... there might be some of our competitors right now, at this very post, trying to take something for free.

I tend not to worry too much about that, but hey, someoneīs got to do that dirt job, he?

More from Bird, comming real soon.
Be patient, īcause it is worth it.

Meanwhile, all of you who can get working on some of the casino games listed, go ahead.
DOnīt just "sit there", waiting something from Bird.
Hehehe... Bird could get used to it, and thatīs too much power in the hands of one person :^D... just kidding.

Iīve got to get something done now.

Rui Barbosa Jr.

Skitchy(Posted 1+ years ago) #101
I've sent you a demo of a pre-alpha slot machine sim (using the rui@... address). It's written *specifically* for this project so that you can evaluate my work and hopfully get things moving.

I love programming when there's a specific point to it (other than just plain 'fun' of course) ;)

_Skully(Posted 1+ years ago) #102
Snitz forums...


3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #103
Hello everyone.
Rui here.
We already have five games on the way...
Five people on the forum have already sent us a demo of their games, and they were aproved.
Please, anyone who is interested, please contact us and send a demo of your game (from the list *way* above).
We still need card games.
To the person who was creating a roulette demo: please contact me ASAP.


Rui Barbosa Jr.

_Skully(Posted 1+ years ago) #104
You mean me? I sent you an email


3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #105
Hi guys,

Rui here.
The first contract has been signed, and there's another being shipped to the programmer.

Two other games are being considered and probably will evolve to signed contracts within the next few days.

And a fifth game is in development, and soon we should receive the demo.

For all of you who want to join the development effort, please go ahead and write a small demo and e-mail it to me at:




(Both compannies belong to the BELRO group)

We are looking forward to seeing new demos.


Rui Barbosa Jr.

P.S.: Bird is working on the legal aspects of each individual contract and will be back some time this week.

Paul A. B.(Posted 1+ years ago) #106
Rui, I am a programmer, however, I am inly, well 11!!!
So I guess this means no deal?I am willing to make a casino game(the graphics might be iffy, depending on how I do it), but I know as much as the next guy, but I understand that I cant do this until I am 7 years older. Well,thats a bummer.....
As a future programmer I wanted to start at a young age. Tell me if anything good(on my part) comes up.

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #107
Hi Paul,

Unfortunately, we can not receive any demo from people younger than 18 years old.

Casino games programming is not just programming the games.
One has to deal with extremely sensitive matters, such as gambling, which is not allowed for young people.

Besides, game development requires contracts to be signed by both parties, and none would accept a contract signed by young kids.

Donīt get me wrong --- thatīs just the way it is.
Casino games programming is more a bussiness thing than a programming thing, actualy.


Rui Barbosa Jr.

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #108
(I donīt mean to be rude, and hope you understand my point).

_Skully(Posted 1+ years ago) #109
Nothing stopping you from making one anyway and then getting your guardian to sign on your behalf.. maybe not with Rui and co., but with someone else.. if its good enough it could get picked up


Skitchy(Posted 1+ years ago) #110
Any recent news on this topic anybody? I know that poeple involved aren't allowed to give out details (myself included), but a generalised statement of what's happening would be great :)

Seldon(Posted 1+ years ago) #111
I haven't had any news from Rui since last monday. I sent him an email on thursday but no answer so far.

_Skully(Posted 1+ years ago) #112
Given the timeline they are imposing, the lack of communications is really annoying.


skn3(Posted 1+ years ago) #113
Eep I went away for over 1 week to try and get my website done in peace n quiet,... (then to start casino demo) but I am still doing it. Better hurry or i'll miss this opertunity.

/me quickly codes more n more n more php

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #114
Hello everyone.
We have been very busy latey, mainly attending to slot-machine shows around the country.
We have been presenting our products and have also been checking out what compatitors had to show.
Now, back to normality.

All those people who received e-mails from us, regarding prices per copy, royalties, etc... please e-mail me at rui@... with an update about the staus of the games.

People who have sent a demo but have not received a formal proposal, please send me an update of the sate of the demo and we shall send you the preliminary proposals.

All of you people who have not send any demo yet, please hurry, as we have to get those contracts sent out real soon.


Rui Barbosa Jr.

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #115
A new game demo has been received.
Looking good.


Rui Barbosa Jr.

Orca(Posted 1+ years ago) #116
I'm still hacking away in my little laboratory, devising something pretty cool :)

I hope you guys will be interested....blah, better get back to my hacking n devising.

Apollonius(Posted 1+ years ago) #117
Heh I'm 17 cant participate uh heh,
Seems fun tho Good Luck Rui ^_^

WolRon(Posted 1+ years ago) #118
Finishing up my demo. It's rough but works. Should be submitted before the end of this week. Don't exclude me. :)

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #119
Don~t worry.
You are in, for sure.

We need a blackjack game.
That is absolutely urgent.
If someone is working on a blackjack game, please e-mail me at rui@... or barbosarui@....
No demo for it is necessary at the moment, but we have to be sure that someone is writting it.
Even better.
For this specific game, please also post here, so only one person will be working on it.

Thanks to all of you guys who are working on the demos.

One more thing...

We will provide the graphics for your game, and this will not affect the deal in any way.
This means that, if we agree on a certain price per copy and.or a share if the profits generated by your game, that deal already takes in consideration that we will be providing graphics, sounds and other resources you might need.

Also, it makes no difference if you provide those yourself.
That is, the deal is about the game, not anyu of its resources.
Resources will be provided by our company or by yourself, and this will in no way affect the bussiness deal.

Well guys, looks like we are doing realy well regarding the progress of the games.
The companny is willing to go ahead and after these games are completed, start working on a new set of games.
We hope the same people who is working on the games right now will be writting the new set of games.

Anyway, the development of those new games is planned for the second half of 2004.

That.s all I have for the moment.

I will be posting news here soon.


Rui Barbosa Jr.

Seldon(Posted 1+ years ago) #120
Ciao Rui, I'm Seldon.

I've a working Black-Jack game, but it's for Amiga computer. I can do a porting in 1 week for Blitz, if we agree in doing that. Let me know.

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #121
Hi Seldon,

Yes, of course.
Please go ahead.
Please send a message to my private mail so we can work on that.

Rui Barbosa Jr.

Seldon(Posted 1+ years ago) #122
That's fine. I sent you a message at . I'm the one who made the slot as well.

WolRon(Posted 1+ years ago) #123
I've just sent in my demo today at 11:30. Please check your email.

_Skully(Posted 1+ years ago) #124

Any idea of when those items I requested might be ready?


3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #125
Hi _Skully.
Itīs holiday down here, in beatiful Rio de Janeiro.
I will get those shipped to you first thing tomorrow.
Or else, I will make sure someone gets fired.... just kidding.


Rui Barbosa Jr.

_Skully(Posted 1+ years ago) #126

My Modeller just delivered the first iteration of the table and wheel... yay! looks good too! So I can begin to actually make this thing.. couldn't do much without a wheel and play table as you can imagine ;)

Sucky part is that the casinos here don't have Roulette, I was hoping to do some wheel research lol

I'm going to concentrate on core game play rather than the prettiness at this point (no background and stuff), as I think you want to see that its doable eh?


3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #127
Hi everyone.
The contracts and the hardware are ready to be shipped.
Everyone who has sent the demo and got an OK, will be receiving a preliminary contract (in english) and the hardware that allows your game to become a slot machine.
The contracts will be sent via FedEx, so they should arrive very soon.
The hardware will be shipped via regular mail, as there are a couple of printed docs, plus a couple of electronic boards etc...
Let us know whether you preffer FedEx or UPS (which is better for you).
Shipping expenses will be on us (of course :)).
Last, but not least, please make sure that the address we got is correct.
If you are not sure about the address that you have sent, please send it again.
Make sure you include the zip code - make sure it is correct.
Also, spell your name exactly as it is supposed to be on the contract.
The complete name, in direct order: first name, etc...
For instance:

Rui Barbosa Junior

Instead of

Rui B. Jr.

Or even

Rui Barbosa Jr.

The contract you will be receiving is preliminary.
This means that if you want to change anything on it, you are free to e-mail us at




PLEASE: DO NOT POST personal info on this post, as we are aware that our competitors have access to it... (yes, we have confirmation about this).
Also, do not mention here what kind of game you are writting, either (for the same reason).

Each contract was written with different contents, and we expect you guys not to post any info about your contract here, not just because of the competitors, but also because the content of the contract is confidential.

Those who have e-mailed us, who are working on demos of some game, please e-mail me an estimate of when you might have the demo working. We are not putting any pressure here. We just want to be able to plan ahead.

Again, all contracts were written in english, and they involve several lawyer-terms, so you must ask for advice from a laywer, specificaly a lawyer who reads and understands english at the contract-terms level.

Thatīs it for now.
Just keep in mind that some competitors have access to this forum.
Donīt ask any sensitive question here.
From now on, please send all of your questions to one of the mails listed above.



(Because I check it several times a day).

For those who still have not decided whether they do or do not want to join us, there are still a few games we wouyld like to assign to someone in this forum.
Some programmers are already working on two games, but we do not want to overload them.

Games that we still would like someone to write:

- A horse-racing betting game.
This one, in particular, CAN use 3D.
But in case you use 3D, you will have to provide the 3d models for the horses, as our designers donīt do 3d.
If someone wants to write this one, please e-mail me and I will send a complete description of the game.
- A couple more slot machines
Again, specific descriptions will be only givven by e-mail.
- A nice 2d game, which we already have the graphics for.
Specific info will be sent via e-mail.
- An instant lottery game.
Specific info will be sent via e-mail.

Please confirm your data ASAP.

Rui Barbosa Jr.

GameLab(Posted 1+ years ago) #128
as we are aware that our competitors have access to it... (yes, we have confirmation about this).


By Competitors!!

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #129
Hi GameLab :)
Letīs not fight about this, ok?
Good to see you here on the forum.
Of course you understand that I had to mention that, so people donīt post questions here that might disclose sensitive information, right?

Hey, folks, this is a friend of mine.
Unfortunately, we are now working on different compannies, but we are good friends.

Actualy, we are even planning on working on something together - not gambling related.
This time, we will be working on some cool 3d stuff.

Right, gamelab?
Still want to go ahead and work on some cool 3d stuff?
Or did th post above change things?

Call me at home.
You got the number.


Rui Barbosa Jr.

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #130
Ainīt that cool?
Life is strange, he?

Rui Barbosa Jr.

Skitchy(Posted 1+ years ago) #131
All sounds good Rui. I've sent you a progress report (and my address again, just in case) :)

Seldon(Posted 1+ years ago) #132
Ciao Rui, I'm Seldon from Italy. I sent you a confirmation for my address too. Though I forgot to say, UPS should be better for Europe.

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #133
Hi folks.
JUst wanted o let you know that hotmail addresses are blocked by our confidential e-mail server.
So, some people whose e-mail addresses are hotmail (or yahoo) may have not received lotīs of e-mails that we have sent out.
If you have been expecting e-mail from us, and your account is a hotmail oir yahoo account, please e-mail me at rui@... and post the info so we can send you the preliminary draft for the contract.

We will keep the filter off for a couple of days.
After that, we will enable the filter again, but will allow e-mails at hotmail and yahoo, for those people who anser to this post at


Sorry for the inconvenience.

Rui Barbosa Jr.

P.S.: All filters will be disabled, so if you use another free webmail, make sure you send an e-mail, so we can replay and you will be sure thart we have een receiving your e-mails.

Obviously, people who already have received replies to their mails donīt have to do this.

Thanks again

WolRon(Posted 1+ years ago) #134
By POedBoy:
Sorry to bother but I sent you a reply email with my chosen account ID on friday(the 24th). I was under the impression the account information was being emailed to everyone yesterday but I've still yet to receive anything.

By WolRon:
Bird, I have sent two emails (to Rui) and have received no replies as of yet. This worries me that you may not have received my emails

By skn3[ac]
Am I to understand that no-one has recieved reply emails ?
Or is it just me lol. Are we meant to be doing something, or waiting for some kind of confirmation, information from rui/bird.
I have sent a "which game" email to the address given, but had no word back (that includes emails back from any! of the emails I sent out)

By POedBoy:
Phew! well at least I know now I'm not the only one feeling a little "left out" by all of the communication issues :)

By Seldon:
I haven't had any news from Rui since last monday. I sent him an email on thursday but no answer so far.

By WolRon:
Bird, I have sent two emails (to Rui) and have received no replies as of yet. This worries me that you may not have received my emails. I do not wish to miss the deadline to sign up for this so if you have received my emails then a confirmation of such would be greatly appreciated.

By _Skully:
Given the timeline they are imposing, the lack of communications is really annoying.

By 0DFex:
So have some of you guys got the go-ahead on a particular game now? I haven't heard anything.

By _Skully:
I havent received anything either...

By soja:

Guess that explains a lot of things...

Seldon(Posted 1+ years ago) #135
Rui, I'd like to know if you registered my snail address and got my e-mail from mailto:Fabio.Benedetti-bpon@... ? Also if I can go on converting the Black-Jack game, I mean if I'm the programmer chosen for it (so two people don't work on the same game). The difficult communication doesn't help on Internet.

Skitchy(Posted 1+ years ago) #136
Have the contracts been sent out yet? I haven't received anything for a while. I have received e-mails from you (Rui) before, so I'm pretty sure my address is ok (I have been using a Zoom account and a Freeserve account).

Could you give us an update? :)

GameLab(Posted 1+ years ago) #137
Preciso falar com vc sobre os jogos...
Se realmente vc tiver interesse em vender ou mostrar algum jogo por favor envie email para julianomachado@...



Seldon(Posted 1+ years ago) #138
I am not Brazilian but I could understand that line well, as Portugues is not much different from Italian:


I'd like to talk with you about some games...
If you really are insterested to sell or see some game, please send an e-mail to...



This is an english forum after all. :-)

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #139
Hi everyone,

Rui here.
All materials have been shipped.
Seldon, yes we have seen your screen of "the other game".
Please go ahead and write a blitz demo of it.

Everyone else,

Please e-mail me, privately, when the materials arrive.

About the roulette game: please send us the demo, so we can ship the materials to you (you know who :)).

Ok guys, weīve been together for quite some time now.
Please stay with us.
Contact me at



Rui Barbosa Jr.

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #140
To the person who is writting baccarat: never mind the options for 4 and 6. We will only use the "5".
In case you hav any doubts, please contact me via e-mail or messenger.

By the way, folks, only one person has been contacting me via messenger.
I am available all the time online, in case you have any doubts so please contact me if you need to.


Rui Barbosa Jr.

Seldon(Posted 1+ years ago) #141

Ok Rui, I'll work on that "other game" as well. That's fine, I'm waiting for the material to arrive so, and I'll let you know.
You mean Microsoft Messenger ? Don't you have ICQ ?

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #142
Hi folks.

To the guy (you know who) who is writting the roulette demo.
Please e-mail me, privately at:


Let me know if everything is fine.
Ask any questions you want.
If the demos is not ready, no problem... just let me know if you are still working on it.
If not, I will assign it to someone else.
But if youīve been busy and have not had time to work on it, just let me know and I will wait.
No problem at all.


Rui Barbosa Jr.

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #143

I am online (msn messenger).
Please contact me ASAP.

Rui Barbosa Jr.

_Skully(Posted 1+ years ago) #144

I sent you an email and got a message back that I can't read being mono-lingual.. I assume its an out of office notice???


Skitchy(Posted 1+ years ago) #145
Rui, I've also sent you a couple of messages via e-mail, but I got no response. Could you confirm that you received the messages (and if you replied) because my mail server has been doing all kinds of strange things recently :)

Also, out of interest has anybody in the UK received their contract yet? I hope mine hasn't got lost on the way :(

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #146
We have not received any message from you.
It might be related to the problem that was spoted by Ron, about a week ago.
Please try contacting me online, via messenger.
I always log in as barbosarui@...
BUT the e-mail you should be contacting is

Can you please contact me online and let me know what that messag is?

Anybody else getting e-mails in portuguese?
Please let me know.

And folks, PLEASE, try contacting me online.
I primarily use MSN messenger, and I always login as

Th guys who have already done that can tell you that thing go much more smooth when we get in touch online.
You will see tht it makes things much more fluid.
I am always glad to answer any questions you might have.

To the guy who contacted me online, and asked me 18 questions...
I have answered 11 of them.
But I closed the messenger window and lost the other 7 quetions , if you wold o mind contacting me online again, and repost the other 7 questions, I wll be happy to answer them.

Skitchy, again...
We have not received any emails from you lately.
No problem, if you are busy or overwhelmed, just please let me know how things are going.
Preferrably, tr to contact me online (msn messenger).

Before you guy ask: yes,I do have ICQ, but the Java guys wonīt let me use it for whatever reason... at least for bussiness related stuff. (go figure)

Anyway, just wanted to let you gus know that things are going pretty smooth.

To the person who is writting roulette: ok, we understand that you will be developping it. Riccardo, the lead designer is pretty busy providing graphics to the other guys and, as we have not heard from you for a while, unfortunately your graphics are not at the top of the priority list.
I think we should try to find a way to work around this, because Riccardo wonīt be availlable withing the next coupl of weeks (thaīs about how long it is going to take him to deliver all the graphics people are waiting for), ok?

Ok, hereīs another thing...
We still need a couple of games.
Specially, the horse-race game (this one could be a 3d game).
To the person who has demonstrated interest in writting this one game: sorry, but we need to assign this game to someone ASAP and, as you arleady working on two games (and doing a hell of a good work, by the way), we found that it would be better to assign it to someone who is writting one game or even someone who has not started writting any game at all.

Thatīs all for now, folks.


Rui Barbosa Jr.

P.S.: Bird is pretty busy... thatīs why you havenīt heard from him lately... and probably wonīt for a while.
P.P.S.: Again, please try contacting me online, if you can.

Skitchy(Posted 1+ years ago) #147
Hi Rui. I've sent about 5 e-mails (to the correct address), and not from Hotmail or anything. Previous messages from the same address have got through, but I suppose any number of things might have gone wrong.

Sorry for being out of contact - as I said I thought my messages had got through. I'll try messenger instead (downloading it now). Everything is going fine BTW - just waiting for the files and contract from your company :) Once that stuff is integrated it's just the graphics that need doing - then it is ready for testing! :)

Skitchy(Posted 1+ years ago) #148
Rui - I'm not having any luck with Messenger either. Could you possibly give me a GMT time when you will definitely be online with Messenger running. I have a 75% completed program for you, but our lines of communication seem to be malfunctioning :)

Also, I still have not received my contract.
Sorry for posting on the forum, but it seems to be the only way I can reach you at the moment :)

WolRon(Posted 1+ years ago) #149
I usually catch Rui online around 8AM to 12AM Central Standard Time (Mid U.S., not sure what GMT would be?) Although I haven't been able to catch him since the 3rd...

3DBuzzFan(Posted 1+ years ago) #150
Hi everyone,

Please contact me via MSN messenger.
A lot of people have being able to reach me.
The ones who havenīt, please post here what your time zone is.
I may have to change my work hours to accomodte this line of work.
Maybe I will work during the day one every other day and during the night every other night.
I guess that this will be the best way to go.


Rui Barbosa Jr.

Doiron(Posted 1+ years ago) #151
I have just sent an e-mail to rui@...... [edit, thanks for the info]