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Blitz+ Terminal Failure

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Eikon(Posted 1+ years ago) #1
Blitz+ has been nothing but a horror on this machine. B2D works just fine. I have noticed b+ acts differently on just about every machine I place it on. Now the IDE itself wont even open, whenever I try I get this:

[img ftp://user:blitz@...]

I have reinstalled it twice and i have the 137 update. When the IDE used to open blitzcc would still crash on every single compile. If you made blitzcc crash twice then it would freeze, requiring reboot.

WolRon(Posted 1+ years ago) #2
Your sig. says XP but that dialog box looks like a '98 one. When you say 'this machine', do you mean the one in your sig. or are you referring to something else?

Eikon(Posted 1+ years ago) #3
That PC's mobo is going through the RMA process with ABit. This is occurring on my Win98 / PII 233 / GeforceFX 5200 / DX9b machine.

* Update *

Now when I try it gives me a new error msg:

[img ftp://user:blitz@...]

And yes this is still b+ contrary to the title bar

Seldon(Posted 1+ years ago) #4
Maybe you have both B+ and Blit2D and B+ opens the Blitz2D compiler ? It could be some wrong path.

Eikon(Posted 1+ years ago) #5
Nope, thats the msg the B+ IDE gives me every time I try to open it. The runtime.dll is sitting in the bin folder as usual.

Drago(Posted 1+ years ago) #6
eikon: your sig tries to open a ftp site btw.

Eikon(Posted 1+ years ago) #7
Yea, that would be mine.

_Skully(Posted 1+ years ago) #8
Did you install to the default folder? Have you tried reinstalling? Do you have some unique software installed on your system that others don't?


Eikon(Posted 1+ years ago) #9
Yes, all default settings. Reinstalled many times. I noticed that it works with the initial install but either 136 or 137 patch breaks it. Nothing special running... this is just a very basic 98 system.

The IDE now opens with 136/137 but everything i compile crashes blitzcc

rdodson41(Posted 1+ years ago) #10
Maybe B+ just doesn't work on 98. But I had something like this happen and I found that I had accidently deleted a file when looking through the folders. Thank god for recycle bin! Check if you have accidently deleted a file crucial for the prgm to run. Hope it helps.


skidracer(Posted 1+ years ago) #11
There was in issue with 24 bit versions of the toolbars which are not compatible with windows98 included in one of the updates. I would try re-downloading 137 and patching the original working install.

Eikon(Posted 1+ years ago) #12
Thanks but i've already reformatted and moved on to Win2k. B+ seems to be fine so far :)

julianbury(Posted 1+ years ago) #13
Nobody seems to have noticed that the first error shown was from Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime library.

Visual Studio does seem to intercept messages intended for other apps.

So, I suggest you try with the presence of Visual Studio.