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Zbrush for model conception

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Smokey1+ years ago #1
I downloaded the demo of zbrush and I did't know that I could made a 3d model from it ! after playing with the gui for an hours I could make a model with zsphere, not really
a traditional way of modeling but "simple" for those who are not familiar with big program like max.. and it can export to .obj ...so can be convert to other format after that.

here some screenshot

here the link


Kissme1+ years ago #2
Hi :)

Yes i Buying it's around 2 months now, he working very well.

Stephanie Pailly

mearrin691+ years ago #3
I've tried it but I have to say that it completely mystified me :) I just wish I understood how to use it because it seems very powerful.

For some reason I can get my head around making something out of polygons but all that mushing about with blobs just resulted in a pile of goo on my screen - it was cool-looking goo, mind.

BTW, you know of any tutorials around for ZBrush? Maybe I'll check it out again with the latest (I think I tried when it first came out) and see how I do.

Smokey1+ years ago #4
When loading zbrush it come out the tutorial panel, just click on the zscript you want and the program show you how doing stuff , it use zscript that will teach you all the thing you need ...btw I still learn thing, there a lot of thing to learn in this program... the thing that is hard in this program that there 2d and 3d at the same time, and there a lot of flotting menu and they are mixup... but I think it worth the time reading!

MikeHart1+ years ago #5
go to http://www.zbrushcentral.com . There is the main forum with tons of information about ZB.

BHoltzman1+ years ago #6
Zbrush was used for the creation of high res models in Lords of the Ring 2 and 3. It's on the home page of the zbrush web site. Who here thought those movies had good computer animation in them?


It's an extremely capable piece of software.

Take Care,


c5ven1+ years ago #7
one of the LOTR guys was posting on the Spiraloid forums about Zbrush. i'd have bought it then but they are/were apparently using the beta of the next version, so what you buy today isn't as powerful. definitely on my list when the next version comes out.

MikeHart1+ years ago #8
The next version (1.6 i think) will be free for registered users. After that we have to shell out some dollars.

MikeHart1+ years ago #9
Just to let people know. Next version will be 2.0 (release will be 31st of MArch 2004) and free for 1.55b users. Amazing features.

Have a look at


Doggie1+ years ago #10
When you download Zbrush do you also get a physical shipment including a CD and a printed manual? I hate to
pay that kind of money and have to print the manual myself
or constantly switch views. Looks like I'm gonna have to
make up mind right now and in a hurry about buying it.

MikeHart1+ years ago #11
I think you only get a download at PIXOLOGIC. I also heard about boxed versions, but I can't confirm that and if they exist than not from the official side.

Smokey1+ years ago #12
Zbrush 2 come out at the end of march, suppost to be better then the 1.55, I love the zscript for tutorial the only thing is that it only flash button or function to show you how doing thing, it would be cool to see the mouse pointer and see where the mouse go to do action, they said that the new 2.0 have more option for the zsctipt, hope they fix this ;)

I will see and test there demo when it come out, if it's more easy to do stuff in it and if i can do what i would like to archive with it then i will probaly buy it even if the price tag is 500$ appx for the version 2.

here the link for V2.0

Doggie1+ years ago #13
Oh yeah, $399 later and that puppy is mine...

MikeHart1+ years ago #14
it would be cool to see the mouse pointer and see where the mouse go to do action

taken from the ZBrush2 preview...

Another significant change is in ZScript playback. If Show Actions is active, the ZBrush cursor now tracks the precise recorded actions in the canvas and interface throughout playback. This makes it easier than ever to follow along with a tutorial or recorded session.

Doggie1+ years ago #15
Ignore the obvious fact that I haven't
learned to smooth yet, I'd say not bad
for a first effort.

Smokey1+ years ago #16
Nice effort doggie, keep working, there a lot of thing to learn ...the www.zbrushcentral.com is a good start for learning new trick.

Ahh that so cool MikeHart, did't have time to read a lot about v2, it will be easy this way with the mouse pointer... just hope that we can get the demo when v2 come out....

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