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TeraPak update

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TeraBit1+ years ago #1
Hi all,

TeraPak has been updated to 2.7.

This adds .TGA support to 3D unpack and fixes a bug where some textures would not get unpacked if chr$(128) was in the texture filename section.

You can get the updated version Here

IPete21+ years ago #2
Thanks Lee,


simonh1+ years ago #3
Lee, you might want to update the toolbx link to reflect the location of the new version.

Mustang1+ years ago #4

HNPhan1+ years ago #5
thx leeeeee

TeraBit1+ years ago #6
I've updated the toolbox link. Thanks for reminding me Si.

It's also on the Blitz3D.co.uk site, so it will need repointing there or removing.


ronbravo1+ years ago #7
You're the best Lee. Thanks

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