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Transparent textures in MS3D

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Jokkeri1+ years ago #1
Does MS3D support transparent textures? If it supports, how can I use them?

Dreamora1+ years ago #2
It does not support them
But it supports vertex alpha

one of the 2 sliders in the material tab is for alpha ( the other one for shininess )

jhocking1+ years ago #3
Is that vertex alpha or brush alpha? Not that it matters enormously, but the distinction does exist.

Even if/though Milkshape does not support transparent textures, you can use textures with transparency on models exported from Milkshape. You'll just have to setup the transparent textures after exporting, possibly using B3D Tweak or possibly just setting up textures in code.

Dreamora1+ years ago #4
Think vertex alpha, as MS3D does nothing know about brushes ...
depends if the B3D exporter changes something ... never used anything else than X or 3DS export which don't know anything about brush :)

jhocking1+ years ago #5
With most modeling tools, on export to b3d file format each material becomes a brush. That is, "brush" is the Blitz word for "material."

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