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Gauge1+ years ago #1
Does a freeware 3d level builder exists, at least that can be loaded by b3d? It would be really nice to find something that works as easy as gamemakers level designer, any ideas? I've been using milkshape to build everything, but fitmesh and milkshape don't work too well togethor, so I really need something to design. And broke too *sniff*

Note- i don't want something thats going to do paths, lights, or all that other stuff. I just want something that I can place objects and draw a 3d level in.

Chip&Chop1+ years ago #2
Anim8or, Blender, Wings3D?

Chip&Chop1+ years ago #3
or Deled :)

jfk EO-111101+ years ago #4
reality factory open source engine: http://www.realityfactory.ca/v3/

includes a level editor that can export 3ds - probably you could then use slimshady for the lightmapping.

Iamhere1+ years ago #5

wizzlefish1+ years ago #6

ShadowTurtle1+ years ago #7

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