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Alienforce(Posted 1+ years ago) #1
Can somebody PLEASE! help me i bought Caligari GameSpace 1.5 today ... And i cant get a .b3d exported model with animation to work in Blitz3D. same result with.x export..
Can please somebody tell me what i am doing wrong with export... I dont get the animation with the model in to blitz,



Perturbatio(Posted 1+ years ago) #2
You'd maybe be better asking this on the caligari forums, but can you open the results in another package (i.e. Milkshape or CharacterFX)?

Ethan3850(Posted 1+ years ago) #3
In the exporter did you tick "export bones" and enter the frames you want exporting? If you leave the default values of frame 0 to 0 then you'll just get a static model.

Alberto(Posted 1+ years ago) #4
Ok, as far as "export bones" but what about "import bones"?
It seems that Game Space can not import the skeleton from other 3d packages,any special setting?

thanks in advance

Ethan3850(Posted 1+ years ago) #5
Load Object - Settings - Import Bones (off by default). You will have to re-attach the skeleton to the model which is a bit of a pain, but all the animation should be intact. Caligari say they've fixed a number of bugs with some imported models in the next update out sometime in January.

Alberto(Posted 1+ years ago) #6

Thanks for your help

Alienforce(Posted 1+ years ago) #7
I doing a lot of testing now regarding GameSpace 1.5 and .b3d and .x I will post my results.



Ethan3850(Posted 1+ years ago) #8
Blitz3d can't read bone animation in the x format, so I'd forget about using it in my opinion. Have you actually got your models to animate in B3d format yet? Are you using LoadAnimMesh? IF your really stuck you can e-mail me your model and I can have a go at exporting it in b3d.

cermit(Posted 1+ years ago) #9
The GameSpace b3d export is really wierd, the hands and legs were always placed at the camera's position. wich made the animated mesh look really really bad.

Alberto(Posted 1+ years ago) #10
Did you download 1.6 patch? may be it can fix your problem
However , generally speaking, I am also annoyed of GameSpace.
Ok it is not so expansive as Maya..etc but it costs much ,much more than CharacterFX and Milkshape.
I have never had a problem with these cheap products.

Ross C(Posted 1+ years ago) #11
What to do, is export it using the lightwave format. Then, import this into Ultimate unwrap, then export it as a .b3d :o)

(edit, if it lets you, memory is fuzzy)

Ethan3850(Posted 1+ years ago) #12
the hands and legs were always placed at the camera's position. wich made the animated mesh look really really bad.

Not sure what you mean - Blitz3d's camera(?)- a screenshot would help. Before you export an object try positioning the object at 0,0,0 and align it's local axes in the centre, pointing in the right direction.

Are you parenting the camera to the object, or the other way round?

I am also annoyed of GameSpace.

If you let me know what the problem is I'll try and help. I bought GameSpace because CharacterFX keeps crashing on my machine and I couldn't get away with Milkshape, or afford anything else. I wouldn't advacate anyone buy it unless they tried the demo first, but since you have bought it then I'd try and get it to work first otherwise it's just money down the drain. You could of course export your model to CharacterFx and then to b3d?

Bob3d(Posted 1+ years ago) #13
Character Fx allways worked greately for me (of course...I prefer Blender and what to say about xsi...But Character Fx is quite good to go an deasy for beguiners...compared to the other two)

I have used it in many 3d cards..yep b3d export works.

Alberto(Posted 1+ years ago) #14

Thanks for offering to support me.
The point is that I have had so many problems with Game Space that I decided to quit and to get back to CharacterFX and MilkShape.
I quote you :
"You will have to re-attach the skeleton to the model which is a bit of a pain"
"Caligari say they've fixed a number of bugs with some imported models in the next update "
I can accept some bugs, but these ones are basic features!
An other example.
Pupeeter crashes GameSpace 1.5 any 10 minutes or so, patch 1.6 has fixed this problem.
Pupeeter 2.6 is now available(25 Usd), with some intersting additional features.
Fine,I thought and I was going to buy it...wait a minute, have a look at the forum,first...Pupeeter 2,6 ...crashes GameSpace.

Ethan3850(Posted 1+ years ago) #15
It's best to work with what's best for you, if it's driving you nuts then bin it.

shamanenCoder(Posted 1+ years ago) #16
hi @all!

please read this...


gamespace1.6, truespace6.6+gamepak1.6 rocks!...

puppeteer 2.5.5 sucks!

i don't know why puppeteer crashes...not gamespace crash...puppeteer crash!
i waiting for a functional puppeteer plugin, because it is very powerfull and increase your animspeed to heaven...earth are not heaven...

i have buy truespace6.6. + gamepak1.6 = the same as gamespace)... for low-modeling,high-modeling,multimedia.....much more

bevor i use truespace4.3 ... very good for modeling but animation export not works correctly, but vertex animation works.

i think this is a low budget variation.

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