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Paul "Taiphoz"1+ years ago #1
Hi ho.

I got a problem, or at least I might have a problem.

I got milkshape a while back and not really used it to its full yet, been working on other things and not had time to play with it really.

Anyway My PC Blew up a week ago now, not getting cash for repairs for another few days/mby week .

One thing I'm bothered about is Milkshape, if the hard drive is gone I am wondering how I'm going to go about getting my key/auth thing for it again. I mean I dont want to be paying for it more than once.

Anyone else had this problem. ?

Bob3d1+ years ago #2
he gave u a key for life...no matter...oh....i see...you had your key only in digital format..that is serials, etc? you can try to rescue the data with some tools.

If u have the serials and stuff saved somewhere, no probs. I allways save that stuff in CDs...in several ones.

BTW, if he had u in his database, he'll had perhaps -just perhaps- no probs in sending one again, if u keep some data he can confirm you as the buyer or something...dunno...

In the old time I bought it was not about activation or something...

Paul Murray1+ years ago #3
Email Mete with the details you used to register it (if you can remember them) and he'll sort you out with your key.

He should have records of people's email addresses who have registered it, so if you give him that you should be ok.

wizzlefish1+ years ago #4
Milkshape rocks - don't stop at anything to get that key back!

Ross C1+ years ago #5
Only real pain about milkshape, is you lose group names when you export to .b3d. Right pain in the arse that...

wedoe1+ years ago #6
I lost my Milkshape key two years ago and I mailed Mete about it, he came back to me on e-mail in a few hours with a new key :)

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