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Zenman1+ years ago #1
Since it is now free I'm assuming there will be no new development ?

Aoneweb1+ years ago #2

Erroneouss1+ years ago #3
yup. Click on products and ya got yourself a free
Maplet copy.

Picklesworth1+ years ago #4
So much for maplet 2 I guess.
Maybe if it's free it should go open source so I can bother the heck out of you smarter people to make it better.

Aoneweb1+ years ago #5
Good idea Mr Picklesworth.

Erroneouss1+ years ago #6
yes! I like that!
By the way, Mr. Picklesworth, when is APOE coming out?

grindalf1+ years ago #7
hey can someone help me with maplet as when i try to use it, it says that there is an error and has to close, i tried reinstalling it

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