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RiverRatt1+ years ago #1
I have pacemaker intalled but the docs file is missing or broken. Does anyone have that link or does anyone know how to save animations and then call them in blitz?

I got the robot to animate but he is stuck on 1st animation where he does everythink and falls. I just want to see him walk in blitz.

Ricky Smith1+ years ago #2
You have to extract the walk sequence usinh ExtractAnimSeq with the frame numbers. PaceMaker creates a Blitz Source function for you when you export if you have created/extracted the sequence using PaceMaker.

You can download the whole zip file containing the docs from the link in my sig.
I will be producing some tutorials as soon as I release the next version which contains some really good stuff including a walk generator.

RiverRatt1+ years ago #3
Thanks. I got it working now. I look forward to the next version, and those tuts.

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