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New Beginning Game Graphics Tutorial

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Gamescaper1+ years ago #1
Hi All,

I have converted an early chapter of my new book, "Beginning Game Graphics" into a free introductory game modeling tutorial.

You can find it online at:



BlitzSupport1+ years ago #2
Looks good... I might even give it a go myself!

Any idea if the gameSpace Light license changed? I seem to recall you couldn't use the exported models in commercial releases, but it doesn't mention such a restriction here:


(BTW Looks like you forgot to add your book's URL to your sig.)

BlackJumper1+ years ago #3
A suggestion for your website:

Add a Next Page button to the top of each page, in the same location each time, to make it easier to walk through the tutorial without having to mouse around so much.

Picklesworth1+ years ago #4
Looks good.
Reading it right now!

Sounds like a good book too. I could sure use it.

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