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Réno(Posted 1+ years ago) #1
I want to buy BlitzPlus. I just want to know what kind of software we can make with it ( expect full sceen games ) ? My first goal is to make a map editor and a music tracker for my next games. What about the OpenGL ?

CS_TBL(Posted 1+ years ago) #2
Map-editors are a cookie in B+.
Trackers: I'm working on one (using someone's audio-engine via DLL's, so I only send pattern-data etc.). Natively it's tricky to do with B+, you definitely want the GetASyncKeyState function from some DLL before seriously considering making a tracker.

Basically there's not that many widgets available in native B+, it's however relativily easy to make your own ones.

I esp. recommend B+ for anything app'ish, and you'll love the event-system!

Beaker(Posted 1+ years ago) #3
I would ignore OpenGL in B+ unless you just want to learn and tinker.

Checkout Fontext (link in my sig) which was made in B+.

Wiebo(Posted 1+ years ago) #4
I made a form editor in Blitz+. Check it out at the link below.

Réno(Posted 1+ years ago) #5
For the tracker, I think I'll just export sting variables datas ( note, effect pan/vol, etc ) and read them in the game using 16/24 chanels playsound.

But for the GUI, exept for the windows of samples/instruments, can we do something like "Modplug tracker" ? Can we make a text editor like "World" ? What Plus can't do ?

Can Blitz plus users show screenshots of their apps ? I am just curious of the power of Plus, because we don't see a lot of Plus creations here ;)

Thanks !

CS_TBL(Posted 1+ years ago) #6

And below a small stupid test-app. Point of interest are the image-buttons, the remote help-display and the gfx themself.
The imagebuttons are my own gadgets I use for more than a year already... they work like a charm.
The remote help was something I made a month ago, it's 100% self-contained, you don't need any global vars or whatever.. just use a hlp=CreateHelpviewer(32,32,640,64) command orso, and after this: use 'hlp' in combination with a SendHelp hlp,txt command. Where txt is not a string, but a bank with formatted text (with indenting etc.) which was generated from a script in a string :)

The help-font was designed in a small font editor I made, which outputs a script again :) So, to have this font in my apps is simply a matter of having a long string and an unpacker.. strings rule more than data-lines imho.

The gfx for the buttons (and the gfx for the help-viewer-border) were also created from a texgen-script. Once might say that I did all these 3 scripts because B+ can't incbin, but on the other hand: I'm sure I can create buttons faster with a script than in photoshop.

And as my sig says: all with banks!

To make things more exciting: the app is fairly small.. and clean, see the source below .. which is everything! (the rest is tucked away in generic/blackbox include-files)
Don't try this at home .. as most commands are completely alien without include-files, not to mention the DML-scripts :)


Global imgButton




AddUB(0,1,imgButton,"1",1,UB,TG("#32@1~Help 1  o_O"))
AddUB(1,0,imgButton,"2",0,UB,TG("#32@1~Help 2  O_o@blabla1@blabla2@blabla3@blabla4"))
AddUB(2,1,imgButton,"3",0,UB,TG("#32@1~Help 3  o_o"))
AddUB(1,2,imgButton,"4",0,UB,TG("#32@1~Help 4  O_O"))


	If EventID()=$803 quit=True
	Delay 4

	If HelpmanagerCurrent(hlp) ; new help?
Until quit
FreeBank hlp

Function setupDML3()
	FreeImage i0
	FreeBank imglist
End Function

Réno(Posted 1+ years ago) #7
Very interesting... I see we can make a drawing tool with a map editor, that's great !

for the tracker, have you got the formula to pitch a song to a note ( imagine 22050hz is C5 default ) ?

CS_TBL(Posted 1+ years ago) #8
I don't quite get the question..

"pitch a song to a note" .. you mean a global transpose?
Or do you mean: notenumber -> hz-freq ?

Réno(Posted 1+ years ago) #9
Yes, it's a transpose ;)

EX : I load a 22050hz sample. "C5" plays it normaly. But have you got the formula ( maths ) to play ( transpose / pitch ) it in "C4", "F6", etc... ?

( sorry for my english ).

CS_TBL(Posted 1+ years ago) #10
one sample? or the whole tune?

I bet it's for one sample, I should have the formula somewhere.. need to dig for it.. patience=gold ^^;

CS_TBL(Posted 1+ years ago) #11
transpose=0 ; 0=C5, 12=C6, 24=C7, 1=C#5, -12=C4, -1=B4   etc.


Notify newfreq#


Damien Sturdy(Posted 1+ years ago) #12
Ahh, i remember usnig that with my DOS FM Synthesizer/Sequencer i made in (seriously this time...) Qbasic 1.1. I never figured out if that formula was wrong, or if my card went out of pitch at higher pithes.

..Oh wait, not quite the same formula. Mine was the pitch>pitch change formula for every key :/

Course, I should have this formula in my lil synth in my sig :)

Réno(Posted 1+ years ago) #13
THANKS a lot CS_TBL !!!

skn3(Posted 1+ years ago) #14 made with b+

Snarty(Posted 1+ years ago) #15
ProPixel also made with B+ (like no one knows that)

Réno(Posted 1+ years ago) #16
Well, I am entirely convinced... I will buy B+ ;)

Blitz Amateur(Posted 1+ years ago) #17
Out of boredom, i've decided to post a pic of one of my BPlus apps

you can download this at if you are interested

Hotcakes(Posted 1+ years ago) #18
I would ignore OpenGL in B+ unless you just want to learn and tinker.

Or if you want to give people the option of running your game MUCH faster on most modern gfx cards ;]

Blitz Amateur, I know those games all look very similar ;] but are you recreating a map out of Speris Legacy? ;]

Grisu(Posted 1+ years ago) #19
In case you need more examples:
Download my Cardwar game + Deck editor.