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how to set fps rate?

BlitzPlus Forums/BlitzPlus Beginners Area/how to set fps rate?

GuoQiang(Posted 1+ years ago) #1
How to set fps rate in B+?

WolRon(Posted 1+ years ago) #2
Check out 'Frame Limiter' at my programming tutorial...

Grey Alien(Posted 1+ years ago) #3
Remember you can set the fps for your game but not the refresh rate of the screen! This is a bumber as in the old days your Amiga game would be at 25fps and so would the screen meaning smooth scrolling and animations. Not so on the PC unless you do a really high speed game loop and chuck out a frame every time the screen refreshes, but this is still not "perfect".

GuoQiang(Posted 1+ years ago) #4
Is it 25fps still ?
How to do if fps>60 or more?

Grey Alien(Posted 1+ years ago) #5
Most PCs refresh at a minimum of 60Hz (normal for TFTs) or higher for monitors (up to 100Hz). You game loop could run at 200 or higher frames per second and output a frame when needed. Check out the FAQ on the blitz home page and follow the link called "Can I set the monitor refresh rate from within Blitz? "

Rck(Posted 1+ years ago) #6

Global fullScreenMode = 2	;windowed
Global screenBitDepth = 32	;bitdepth for window, overridden to desktop default in windowed mode
;--------Graphics Initialization------------
Graphics 1024,768, screenBitDepth, fullScreenMode

Global timer_draw = CreateTimer(120)	;delay draw call
Global timer_FPS = CreateTimer(1.0)	;delay to set HUD fps to current fps
Global framesTicked = 0		;keeps track of frames over last second
Global FPS# = 0.0			;Frames Per Second to display

	WaitEvent()	;save CPU, those timers will trigger execution when needed
	;other code here, beneficially on other timers for good thread-like stuff
	If TimerTicks(timer_FPS) > 0 Then
		FPS = framesTicked
		framesTicked = 0
		ResetTimer timer_FPS
	If TimerTicks(timer_draw) > 0 Then
		Cls	;dont CLS elsewhere,
			;If Windows forces redraw,
			;let the Last frame remain up as long as possible
		;code here to draw things
		;code here to draw things
		Flip(False) ;immediately draw to the screen
		framesTicked = framesTicked + 1 ; take note of another frame drawn
		ResetTimer timer_draw ;make timer_draw wait another 1/120th of a second before coming in here
Until KeyHit(1)	;stop the program on ESC key
Function DrawPlrHUD()
	Text 0,0,"Frames Per Second: " + FPS#
	Text 0,20,"Escape ESC to exit"
End Function

xlsior(Posted 1+ years ago) #7
Most PCs refresh at a minimum of 60Hz (normal for TFTs) or higher for monitors (up to 100Hz).

While it's not too common for a CRT to have higher than a 100Hz refresh rate, you definitely can't count on it -- some monitors can go up all the way to 200Hz in some resolutions.... (19 Vision Master Pro454 for example)