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Vectory Beta 1

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Filax1+ years ago #1
Hi guys :)

I'm working on a little casual game :) Can you test two

- The FPS (graphics card + processor) ?
- The online score ? If it work correctly :)


PS : Enter a new hiscore save automatically a online entry.


Knotz1+ years ago #2
Visuals look splendid as always.

And the game runs fine. Too bad it doesn't support 1680x1050 resolution.
76 fps and i can see the online scores.

Filax1+ years ago #3
Many thanks Knotz :) can you say me if the game run correctly ?

ziggy1+ years ago #4
Ir run like a charm on my computer :D

Filax1+ years ago #5
Thanks Ziggy :) maybe because i'm using blide ? :)

ziggy1+ years ago #6
Filax: How are you making this wonderfull glow polys? they look awesome.

By the way, In 1280x1024 32 bits I get 60fps - 62fps

H&K1+ years ago #7
Amd Sempron 3100 @ 1.80Ghz Sis M760GX
13-16FPS @ 1024,768 60Hzt

dynaman1+ years ago #8
76FPS (nearly constant)
AMD Athlon 64 3500+
Geforce 7900GS

Matthew Smith1+ years ago #9
On Vista Ultimate (pc as per sig)

1024x768x32 38fps (solid)
1024x768x16 55-75fps

Online scores loaded fine

Filax1+ years ago #10
Many thanks guys ! I'm glad to see that work on vista :)

Grisu1+ years ago #11
In 1280x1024 32 bits I get 76fps solid while downloading stuff and running programs in the background.

I find it difficult to identify the different weapon upgrades.
Ship speed is too slow
and replace the computer voice with one from a french girl that speaks English... ;)

Apart from that. Well done.

Btw: Do you use a modified module from 'Tim Fisher for the glow effect?

Beaker1+ years ago #12
It won't run at all on my laptop. No crash or anything, just never starts.

Wiebo1+ years ago #13
I have that problem too. It generates a .ini with some settings, like the screen res, and then it exits... It works perfectly on my desktop though. Nice game indeed, gotta love those vectors, but gameplay is a bit shallow so far.

Filax1+ years ago #14
Beaker : Try windowed mode=1 in .ini
Grisu : Ok for the ship !

I have many problems with the new directx7driver 1.24 :/

grable1+ years ago #15
Good loking dude, had no problems =)

i get a constant 76 fps in 1280x1024x32 75hz

CPU: AMD Athlon64 3400+
RAM: 1gb
GFX: Nvidia 6800 GS (256mb)

im running Windows XP.

Filax1+ years ago #16
New version uploaded :)

Bremer1+ years ago #17
76fps fullscreen with P4 3ghz and GF6600GT graphics and it loaded the online scores just fine.

Any chance of supporting widescreen monitor resolutions?

Filax1+ years ago #18
Argh :/ It's not very easy to do, because i cant test !

Beaker1+ years ago #19
Windowed mode works fine. My laptop is widescreen (1280x800), can't you just default to windowed mode and then let us set the res in the options. Or, can you not read what resolutions are available for fullscreen mode?

Xerra1+ years ago #20
Works fine on my old trusty Athlon 2600 with Geforce 6600.

Couple of points though:-

When the Game over requester comes up you can press enter to continue but the requester stays on screen causing it to overwrite on high score entry and title screen until you click ok.

Also it seems that you can lose 3 lives at once when you spawn after crashing and there's an asteroid directly under you even though your shield is on.

On title screen holding down return seems to lock the whole screen up but other keys don't. I found that out by accident pressing enter to start game instead of fire.

Nice looking game though - the colour effects are fantastic.

BTW I'm running in full-screen mode when I tested it.

Filax1+ years ago #21
Many thanks for bugs report !

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