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Did you use ALE for building terrain?

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Happy Sammy1+ years ago #1
Hi all,

Did you use ALE for building terrain?

Thanks in advance

t3K|Mac1+ years ago #2

boomboom1+ years ago #3

Pete Carter1+ years ago #4
i own it but have never used it in a project because i desided on modeling my levels in cinema4d because it suited my game better

EmerGki1+ years ago #5
I own, but, I don't like the program... So, I don't use.

andy_mc1+ years ago #6
I tried both ALE and T.Ed and bought T.Ed in the end. I think it was ALE that crashed when I tried doing lightmapping, so that swung it for me to go for T.Ed.

Rob Farley1+ years ago #7
Like many things like this often you're better off rolling your own to optimise to your own needs

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