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Track Editor for B3D?

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Hotshot20051+ years ago #1
hiya all,

I am looking for good track editor and the files must be either
B3D or 3DS .


chwaga1+ years ago #2

if you mean like race tracks, and for 3ds/b3d export, get 3ds max, dummy!

Gabriel1+ years ago #3
if you mean like race tracks, and for 3ds/b3d export, get 3ds max, dummy!

Right, because anyone who doesn't either :

(a) have 3,000 lying around behind the sofa, or
(b) want to steal software

is clearly a dummy. < At this point, I really wish there was a rolling eyes emoticon for this board. >

On Topic, there used to be a really good track editor. We're going back a few years now, and I'm not sure if it was written in B3D or not, but I remember it had been used for a few different games. It was pretty cool, used splines and everything. Hopefully me babbling inanely about what little I recall of it will remind someone who might still have a bookmark.

Steve Elliott1+ years ago #4

Gabriel1+ years ago #5
Yes! That's the one I was thinking of. Well done, Steve.

Hotshot20051+ years ago #6
cheers everyone

puki1+ years ago #7
Oooh, that looks exciting. I spent a fortune buying a racetrack construction kit thing.

EmerGki1+ years ago #8
I have created one for my game, with my editor, you can build kilometers of roads in few minutes... Here some Screenshots of what you can do with my editor.

Hotshot20051+ years ago #9
very nice and how much cost to buy your track editor?

puki1+ years ago #10
This looks exciting.

Hand it over.

John Blackledge1+ years ago #11
Argh! This looks brilliant.
I could have done with this a couple of years ago, instead of manually editing thousands of tris to get curves and rises.

Are you going to sell it?

EmerGki1+ years ago #12
I forget to say what the editor create the waypoints for the two sides of the road :)...

Yes, I can sell the editor, but, I have no idea of how much... If you are interested, I can try create an account on PayPal or ShareIt to sell the editor...

Kev1+ years ago #13
Very cool, EmerGki Im intrested.

Hotshot20051+ years ago #14
Hey EmerGki

How easy to make track?

puki1+ years ago #15
It should be sold for between $10.00 - $15.00 USD. Possibly could fetch $20.00. A lower price can create more profit than a higher price because more people are tempted to buy it.

Ideally issue a demo first.

John Blackledge1+ years ago #16
As puki said.

Loktar1+ years ago #17
Cant you just do a line pick, get the coords, and lay down some vertices and UV coords to texture it, creating roads on a terrain or any other mesh? Could even implement a color map system of some sort where you draw the roads, and the program reads them in dynamically.

In my skating snowman screensaver I did the trails in this way, using an example set by the TRON demo.

My project is in the state where it needs roads now so I'm going to give it a try.

EmerGki1+ years ago #18
Thank you Guys...

To you see how easy is my editor, watch this video:


The editor export the models in .3DS file format, and, separated pieces (Road, "grass" Right, grass left, and Grass Far right and left), 4 models, so, with this, you can use the road if you want to make the road in a terrain, using heights and etc..

@ Loktar, I've not tried to make using terrains, because, for my game, I need very extensive roads... Kilometers and kilometers of roads :) ... But, Maybe in the future, I'll try to make using terrains...


Hotshot20051+ years ago #19
hey EmerGki

will there be demo?

Tri|Ga|De1+ years ago #20
Hey I like the music.
IronMaiden on piano.

The editor look allso great.
Please release it as a product.

EmerGki1+ years ago #21
@ Hotshot2005 - Don't have a demo yet, anyway, I'll think about...

Tri|Ga|De - Yeah, "Up the Irons!" =D... I'm thinking about release the editor as a product...

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