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Mark Judd1+ years ago #1
A quick demo of my work-in-progress 'draw physics shapes' style project.

Link to demo (2.5Mb) :-

A short video of the game in action can be found on my homepage - or if you dont fancy wading through the site :-

Blue lines / shapes are fixed - good for making ground, etc
Green lines / shapes fall downwards
Pink lines / shapes float upwards
Yellow lines are like string or rope

The two up/down arrow icons are for save and load, but are currently disabled.

Any suggestions or comments would be very much appreciated.



Ross C1+ years ago #2
Whoa... just whoa :D That looks amazing... seriously! Great work!

JA21+ years ago #3
Very nice. Would be great for a worms style game I think, land that you can deform, shapes that get blown apart, send bombs floating up on a balloon to your enemy etc

taumel1+ years ago #4
Very good!

Have you done this in BlitzMax?
Did you use any physics engine or is it based on your own solution?

Regarding a game concept what i really enjoyed was the idea in crayon physics ( http://www.kloonigames.com/blog/games/crayon/ ) were you had a few given tasks which you had to accomplish.

You could make this a level to level thing or you could build something bigger around it with a story or themed islands with themed levels and so on. Depending on the level design this could be really entertaining in my opinion. Obviously an level editor would be great so that users just can play around with it and do their own levels. Best would be if those could be shared online too.

Murilo1+ years ago #5
This is superb!!!

GfK1+ years ago #6
Works fine here. Must admit though, it took me ages how to figure out how to stop everything from just dropping off the bottom of the screen.

unlikely1+ years ago #7
That is really really cool! Great work!

Grey Alien1+ years ago #8
This is neat, good stuff. B3D I presume (judging by the icon).

Found it a little frustrating perhaps I need to watch the video. I was trying to make ramps for a ball to roll down, figured out how to nail them in place on their pivots but they kept spinning round when I clicked play instead of remaining fixed in place. Also it got stuck making everything fall up and no matter how many times I clicked the down arrow uor up then down etc it staying falling up, even after I reloaded...

It could really do with an Undo Key, so Ctrl+Z, I pressed this naturally several times (like in a paint package) before I realised it didn't exist.

One point during playbavk, the mouse pointer when really slow and jerky. Seemed smooth again when I clicked Pause. Acutally happend twice or more. My PC isn't crap, it's a 3.2GHz P4, 1GB RAM, XP, Radion X1950 Pro.

Mark Judd1+ years ago #9
Thank you for your comments.
I appreciate you taking the time to have a look.

Yeah, its coded in Blitz3D with VIP3Rs excellent ODE wrapper.

A quick heads up for those wanting a short try (added this to first post as well for clarity) :-

Blue lines / shapes are fixed - good for making ground, etc
Green lines / shapes fall downwards
Pink lines / shapes float upwards
Yellow lines are like string or rope

The two up/down arrow icons are for save and load, but are currently disabled.



Grey Alien1+ years ago #10
Oh *now* it makes sense haha: How about a pop up tip on mouse over those icons tell you what they are for?

stayne1+ years ago #11
I adore this, amazing work Mark.

It would be very cool to have an aquarium or similar body of water and be able to create life by drawing it. You could even draw food and watch it drop down into the water.

TartanTangerine (was Indiepath)1+ years ago #12
could be a monster game on something like the Wii if you develop the concept well.

M2PLAY1+ years ago #13
OHHHH NICE NICE Excellent work Mark !!!!

Warpy1+ years ago #14
There is definitely a trend starting here...

Why has nobody yet made a game where you draw big moustaches on your troops to make them better fighters?
It could have an interface like Cannon Fodder at the start, where they all queue up to go to war, and you have a certain amount of time to scribble on their faces as they each walk up to the camera and lift their chins, maybe with a little slap on the back to get them on their way. Drawing on the upper lip and chin inspires fear in the enemy, while drawing around the eyes or cheeks elicits peals of laughter and derision. This idea can not fail!

Oh! While I'm here, I might as well play the game. Very nice!

stayne1+ years ago #15
That's possibly the funniest thing I've ever read. EVER.

Warpy1+ years ago #16
The problem I have with these draw-physics-shapes games is that drawing a nice shape is hard to do with a tablet pen, let alone a mouse.

Instead, how about making a 'Quarrymaster' game, where you have to cut blocks out of a quarry to fit into buildings? You cut by drawing line segments from the edge of the rock inwards, and then place your blocks in whatever bridge/building/whatever is being built. The challenge is to use the amount of rock you've got most efficiently, while getting the right shape to make the buildings stable. In fact, I've already made a cutting-into-shapes bit of code for the origami thing I did a while ago. Make it happen!

N1+ years ago #17
Nice game. Reminds me of the time I spent at the psych. ward.

Stevie G1+ years ago #18
Pretty good.

I know it's only a protoype but it's shouting out for a reset button - at least for the dynamic objects. I spent 10 mins creating some fancy 10 wheel vehicle and foolishly forgot to draw a floor. On hitting play it was gone for ever ;)

Snixx1+ years ago #19
ive seen another "clone" of crayon physics on gamedev, however you get points for being more original than the pure "lets copy this" guy on gamedev:D i like it

JoeGr1+ years ago #20
This is excellent. I do have a small suggestion though. I wonder if it would be better for the toolbar to stay fixed to the left of the screen. Its a bit of a chore having to scroll back to change tools.

Mark Judd1+ years ago #21

Thanks for the encouragment - some excellent suggestions.

I didn't mention in this thread (although I think i did in another), that this project was obviously inspired by kloonigames 'crayon physics'.

However, I liked the principle so much I wanted to have a go at it myself.

I think their creation system is more elegant than mine at the moment - but i do have an idea to move towards a type of virtual drawing board - in a fully 3D world - complete with a pencilcase that sits on the board (or perhaps is locked to the screen JoeGr?) containing things like a compass and ruler, etc.

Not sure where its leading, but hey its fun !

I have bought my eldest son a DS lite for christmas, and chose a title called 'drawn to life' as part of the bundle.

It seems user created shapes / solutions to puzzles are in vogue at the minute.

Will post a revised demo shortly with working save / load feature.

Thanks again for the kind comments - oh and Warpy - i'll have a pint of whatever you're having mate !



*1+ years ago #22
brilliant demo, words cant explain how good it is :)

SausageOfDoom1+ years ago #23
Very impressive indeed. I wish I had half the expertise some of you guys have.

As an arty type who wants to do his first game, I am very envious of your skills.

Still, I am determined to pull my finger out in 2008 and make a game of some sort. That's gonna be my new year's resolution.

Picklesworth1+ years ago #24
I like the feel of this one. Quite smooth. 3D sounds like a great thing to attempt.

Warpy's game idea, as usual, is absolutely ridiculous :P

Blitzplotter1+ years ago #25
fantastic idea, nice gameplay, strangely gratiffying to watch shapes you've just drawn fall of the screen.

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