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SpaceMan941+ years ago #1
What type of program do I use to make planets and stars?

Doggie1+ years ago #2
Ask God

grable1+ years ago #3
Any 3D modeler and paint program will do.
Its just spheres with a fancy texture (which is pretty easy to make imho)

nrasool1+ years ago #4
For planets you prob don't even need a modeller, if you using Blitz3d, just simply create a sphere, and then apply a planet texture on it and there you go, instant planet :-)

For stars, if you want a modeler, try out blender, its free.

Moraldi1+ years ago #5
lol, this is the most cool answer I read the last two years!
For stars I purpose to use sprites

Dicon1+ years ago #6
Why not use a couple of planes that move at different speeds to give parralax and the illusion of movement. Three simple planes don't eat much memory and you can tile the stars on each layer to save even more memory. If each star is a sprite, that might slow down the action and eat up memory.


tonyg1+ years ago #7
If its 2D there is a program called Universe out there somewhere.

granada1+ years ago #8
Here you go.


Garion1+ years ago #9
Universe is at




SpaceMan941+ years ago #10

josk1+ years ago #11
Just had a play with Universe, this is great.

D4NM4N1+ years ago #12
blender / max / lightwave / hexagon
for the textured balls

paitshop / gimp / photoshop / pixel
for the dots, gasses, flares and textures for said balls.

Other than than that no idea :)

ICECAP1+ years ago #13
Photoshop, thats all you need. Go and have a look at my entry in the Photoshop competition thats running to see what i mean...


There are lots of tutorials out there to help you make great art like this. Just google search it.

D4NM4N1+ years ago #14
Photoshop is overkill and overpriced for what most of us use it for. Unless you are very very deep into photography (like photo-professional deep) then thereres no point in buying it.

Anyway as an "art package" paintshop is much better (in my opinion) as its more geared towards artists rather than photographers, it can do most of the 'normal' photo stuff as well and is about a 1/6th of the price. Gimp on the other hand is quite capable too and its free.

@Icecap, Very cool image :) although PS wasnt *required* for it. You could have done this in either PSP or gimp easily enough with your skills (and a slight learning curve).

Reactor1+ years ago #15
I'm always skeptical of people who say, "Go get Photoshop" and mention how they used 3dsMax. Max costs over 3k (US), and that's one heck of an investment for someone that's producing what could be made in Truespace 4 and Paint.net. If you do own the apps, great, but remember that not everyone can afford Photoshop and other 'pro' tools.

I second a program like Paintshop Pro or PhotoImpact, and Blender, Carrara or Wings3D (etc) for 3D work.

As for the stars SpaceMan94- if your game is to be 3D, code them. Don't draw them. That always looks ugly.

jfk EO-111101+ years ago #16
Well, I'd say use The Gimp as a free Photoshop Substitute. It may be the most powerfull quasi-photoshop. The Gimp is to Photoshop what Blender is to 3DsMax.

If you want something simple, still with some of the powerfull photoshop features (like layer-oriented philosophy) then try the also free Artweaver. Google may find it.

PLanets and stars - oh BTW while you're at it, could you please make one of those blue "earthes", only better, thanks :)

Creating a planet is as simple as making a sphere. Hint: check out Nasa free photos, some of them can be applied right as texture to get a realisticly textured earth, moon etc. Tho you may scale them to a power of 2 (example 1024*512) size to get the max out of it.

Stars is always a bit tricky, it depends on your needs. Do you want to fly trough the entire galaxy? This requires some extra steps (you may have a look at "TFT der Falke"'s space tutorial in the tutorial section). If the player is not going to travel across the galaxy, but is bound on earth then a simple skybox may work well too.

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