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How to make a skybox!

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slenkar1+ years ago #1

you could make a skybox with this

D4NM4N1+ years ago #2
Cool, thanks for the Headz up :D

ed- Are you sure this is for making a skybox? I cant seem to find anything about the correct camerazoom.

slenkar1+ years ago #3
it creates a nice terrain and sky so i presume you could take 6 renders - not sure though!

Loktar1+ years ago #4
This is what I use. Awesome skyboxes and all free :)

Gabriel1+ years ago #5
and all free :)

Only for non-commercial use. Terragen is ~$100 otherwise.

Chaduke1+ years ago #6
Just for a heads up, if you use the terathon tutorial (for the C4 engine) and load the script into terragen, you have to make a few adjustments afterwards.

I used the LoadSkybox function from the castle demo.

When the images come out of terragen numbered 001 thru 006, rename them in this order - LF,RT,FR,BK,UP,DN

I also noticed the LoadSkybox function expects .jpg files, so I changed that to bmp.

Then I had to take the UP image (005) and rotate it 90 degrees clockwise (using an image editor).

Also, make sure in your code that you PositionEntity the skybox to the x,y,z location of your player position (normally a pivot) in the main loop. Don't parent it though because you don't want the skybox to rotate, just move.

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