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c32bit1+ years ago #1
Does anyone use Truespace 5 and if so what are your thoughts on it? For $40, (http://www.caligari.com/store/special/3D_Starter_Kit.html) is it a good deal or could the money be better spent on another tool with similar features?

Thanks for your input.

Pete Carter1+ years ago #2
Its a good price if you get on with the odd user interface, i got gamespace when it first came out which is a version of truespace with exporters for lots of game engines bundled with it. I tried for quite a while with it but i always found it cumbersome. It does have alot of users that make some great stuff with it but its just not for me. also from what ive heard its still quite buggy.

Oh and check what formats you can export in because the gamepack with all the exporters for blitz etc only works from version 6.6 service pack 2 up.

Aoneweb1+ years ago #3
I have Truespace 6.6, and I was not too impressed with the fact that you have to pay for their Tutorials, and there really isn't any good books out there.
One thing did impress me, I ordered the CD version, and it came with a large manual, that helped.
Check out the add on paks as well, you have to spend money to get the functions you need for game design, $199 for the game pak, it is supposed to give you the same tools as Gamespace.
Have you tried Truspace 3.5, it is free.

Moraldi1+ years ago #4
Can Truespace 5 or 6 export animated models in B3D format?
I think $40 are not much for their capabilities

Aoneweb1+ years ago #5

Only if you buy this, and only for V6 and up.

How about milkshape?


Moraldi1+ years ago #6
Thanks for the info

Amon1+ years ago #7
I'm selling my Truespace 7.51 + VRay and Gamepak if anybody is interested.

Email me with your offers. :)

Pete Carter1+ years ago #8
I cant beleave that gamespace hasnt dropped in price as the program was so bug ridden.

dawlane1+ years ago #9
I was looking at GameSpace before I bought Cinema4D R10.
I found the interface to weird to work with and the paint/uv tools a pain to use as well as the crashes. So I gave it a miss.

Pete Carter1+ years ago #10
i have r10 too, its far to expensive and has rubbish export options but i still love it.

jhocking1+ years ago #11
Truespace sucked when I first used it a million years ago, but I hear it's gotten much better. So while I would choose something else, I really don't know if it's a worthy contender.

Reactor1+ years ago #12
You can do a lot with Truespace, but if you have a lot of work to do in it you'll find the camera controls are its biggest weakness. If you do grab it, make sure you combine it with something like Wings3D for modelling, because it's modelling tools are plain ol' rubbish.

D4NM4N1+ years ago #13
I found both truespace and gamespace (which is kind of a TS5-remix) very unstable. However, it has a good materials and a unique modelling interface which is quite efficient once you know all the shortcuts but no B3D export (at least not in 5)

I used truespace 3 & 5 a lot before i decided to learn Blender (another 3D app with a wierd non-standard but "awesome-once-you-know-it" interface) which is free, is more featured, with free videos, python scripting, has a better animator and can export to B3D with a 3rd party script. (I also bought the manual for 30 and found it useful).

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