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Where can I find a high-quality animated model?

Community Forums/Developer Stations/Where can I find a high-quality animated model?

JoshK1+ years ago #1
I need a high-quality animated character to test with, between 3000-6000 polys, with a normal map.

Naughty Alien1+ years ago #2
I can share with ya my models for my 3D fantasy games, but it has to be mentioned and not reused in to something else..

JoshK1+ years ago #3
That would be great, if they are of the specs I mentioned. My email is support at leadwerks dot com.

Naughty Alien1+ years ago #4
some of them are motion captured..not all 3K-6K polys..but some yes, I have to check which one meeting your requirements...you are looking for MAX file or B3D?

JoshK1+ years ago #5

puki1+ years ago #6
I'll take those models too - all of them.

Email in sig.

maximo1+ years ago #7
contact puki, he has lots of models available that you can test with :D :D

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