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FL Studio 7 Strange Behaviour

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QuickSilva1+ years ago #1
In FL Studio 7 when editing songs\samples etc... does anyone else have the scrolllock key on their keyboard light up? If so why does this happen? It never happened with the previous versions.

Just curious.


Sledge1+ years ago #2
Any particular channel/effect plugins that cause it? Not something I've noticed in 7.0

QuickSilva1+ years ago #3
Try loading a sample and then start the song playing and edit the notes by dragging the mouse on the piano roll display or the keyboard display whilst the song is playing, so your editing the notes in realtime. The scroll lock key then lights up (well it does on mine.)

Let me know if you get the same thing.


LineOf7s1+ years ago #4
Okay, I just tried it. It happened as you say.

I've got a freakier one for you: once you've got that going, try hitting the Scroll Lock key twice. I'm not sure what happens exactly, since whilst the music kept playing, my monitor went into "out of range" and blanked.

Hitting Scroll Lock twice again restored it, apparently without problem.


Sledge1+ years ago #5
Re Scroll Lock lighting up -- so it does! It's just locking auto scrolling because you're editing that bit of the track and probably don't want it disappearing off-screen. Quite handy.

That monitor range thing is bizarre (doesn't happen for me) -- not running Chrome are you?

QuickSilva1+ years ago #6
Glad it`s not just me then ;)


LineOf7s1+ years ago #7
Running Chrome? Nope, no Chrome.

Well, bugger. I'm just weird then.

Jake L.1+ years ago #8
Btw, anyone here using Poizone 2 ?

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