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I need a monster truck

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JoshK1+ years ago #1
I want to do something like this:

dawlane1+ years ago #2
I found this place if its any helphttp://www.3dkitbuilder.com/main.htm

Edit: forget it its crap

Gabriel1+ years ago #3

sswift1+ years ago #4
That's not even close to a monster truck.

THIS is a monster truck. :-)


And this is a more traditional monster truck:

If you're cheap, here's one for $5:

And if you're REALLY cheap here's one for $1:

maximo1+ years ago #5
you need lots of things halo, dont you have any artists anymore?

Obvjously Halo never heard of turbosquid, good one swift, you are still kind to him ;)

Mustang1+ years ago #6
Sswift's list is mostly useless though... only the $75 model is real time ready, others have hundreds of thousands polys... If Halo can't do these himself he sure can not modify too high poly models either; he needs ready-to-go ones.

Vorderman1+ years ago #7
If you can find my old ODE wrapper one of the demo programs used a monster truck mesh and wheels. It was really lo-res and probably pretty crap, but it might get you started.

sswift1+ years ago #8
Hm... I was wondering just what a modern card is capable of, s I tried an old foliage system I made and my Geforce 8800 GTS could handle 400,000 polygons at a constant 70fps.

Also, I found this site with royalty free models. They're expensive, and too high poly for games, though you could maybe have an artist build a low poly model based off them and use them to generate the normal maps:


Mustang1+ years ago #9
Halo said "I need" not "I'm willing to pay..." :)

400K model is insane for any game - they all use low-poly models, even farcry; shaders and maps make them look more complex. Lot's of vertices would jam the traffic between the card and memory plus there's always the need for physics mesh... And that for sure can't be 400K, and it would even make it any better. Plane with tesselation is just a plane.

That Camino looks good; and since it's blocky to start with it would be easy to model something like that. Notice that the support frame is also mirrored; front and end are the same.

JoshK1+ years ago #10
I'd prefer something custom-made or free because I want my users to not have to worry about legal strings.

Mustang1+ years ago #11
If something is free it doesn't mean that you can distribute it with (commercial) software. Most can if they are true PD... but contract made gfx is always a safe and best way.

JoshK1+ years ago #12
Are you offering?

maximo1+ years ago #13
pay up halo, there is no free lunch in the universe! you are a company, invest money and stop begging! ;)

Mustang1+ years ago #14

Are you offering?

Could make one these easily, but just right now I'm too busy to able to promise anything -> http://www.blitzbasic.co.nz/Community/posts.php?topic=75580

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