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QuickSilva1+ years ago #1
I`m thinking of learning Blender 3D but before I start I would like to know how well it integrates with Blitz 3D. Is the plugin that is available able to export models from Blender to Blitz format without any hiccups?

Overall is Blender a good program to learn, it certainly appears feature rich. What are your experiences of the program if you have used it? Is it very capable?

Thanks for any help,

Reactor1+ years ago #2
I'm not sure about model conversion, but I guess how capable it is will depend on what it is you're planning on doing with it.

QuickSilva1+ years ago #3
Thing is, I do not really want to devote lots of time learning it if it doesn`t work that well with .b3d exporting. If it does work well however, then I am very willing to spend my time learning it.


LineOf7s1+ years ago #4
Well you'll want the Blender -> .B3D exporter available at THIS SITE, and a search of these forums for the same sorts of things (Blender, export, b3d) will reveal a bunch of threads about its use.

HERE'S the thread that announced it and followed its progress and use.

D4NM4N1+ years ago #5
2nd for that, exporter works great. I have tried it out with both animated characters and large static level bits.

(just remember to "apply rotation and scaling" to child meshes b4 export or they kind of go wonky)

QuickSilva1+ years ago #6
Thanks for the links guys, I will go and have a look now. One last question, does the exporter keep vertex weighting info intact? (If it is possible in Blender that is.)


K1+ years ago #7
Blender also exports to .3ds,.X,and .Md2 with no extra plugins.

D4NM4N1+ years ago #8
@quicksilva b3d doesn't support weighting as far as i know. I could be wrong there. Blenders animator supports weights though.

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