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QuickSilva1+ years ago #1
Anyone tried the Gimp Animation Package? Is it any good? If not, can anyone suggest a decent alternative (free or cheap). I`m after an animation package that can deal with higher quality images other than simple lowres sprites.

Thanks for any advice,

TommyH1+ years ago #2
If 50$ is considered cheap you could have a look at Anime Studio: http://my.smithmicro.com/mac/anime/index.html

ragtag1+ years ago #3
Are you looking to do frame by frame animation or cut-out animation?

I use GIMP a lot and like it, and have messed a little with GAP. Frankly, it's not the best option for animation. It's kind of a hack to get GIMP to work with multiple frames, and stores one xcf file for each frame. Though it does work. :)

If you want cutout software these ones might be worth a look.
- Anime Studio as mentioned by TommyH, does cut out mostly using vectors, but can use bitmaps as well.
- CreaToon - bitmap based cut out software that is now FREE. You can get it at creatoon.com Not as advanced as AnimeStudio, but quite usable.
- ToonBoom - Mainly a frame by frame program, but latest version does cut out too. Comes at different prices.
- Synfig Studio - a vector based open-source morphing program, that shows a lot of promise...but is still in relatively early stages of development. http://synfig.org/Main_Page
- Blender - Yeah, it's a 3D program, but there is nothing stopping you from using 3D software to do 2D cutout. I know of at least two TV series that have used Maya to do 2D cut-out animation. blender.org

If you want to do frame by frame drawn animation, there aren't many free options:
- Pencil http://www.pencil-animation.org/ Was somewhat limited last time I tried it, but might be better now. It's free, so go try it out.
- FrameToon - in Japanese, see this post http://www.blitzbasic.com/Community/posts.php?topic=83390 by me from a while back.
- ToonBoom - vector based, works okay. Can do cut-out too.
- TVPaint - quite expensive, but also really nice.

You might want to check out Cinepaint as well. It was a fork of GIMP from quite a few years ago, made for film effects work. It started of well, but then kind of died...then turned into Glasgow....which...well...I don't know... :)

QuickSilva1+ years ago #4
Thanks for the links guys, I`ll check them out. Blender could be a good option though, thanks for mentioning that.


slenkar1+ years ago #5
I use blender for iso characters,
you have to make sure you turn off anti-aliasing when you render or you wont get a nice seperation between character and background.

QuickSilva1+ years ago #6
Thanks for the tip.


Difference1+ years ago #7
I just came across http://www.pencil-animation.org/ that might be worth a look.

QuickSilva1+ years ago #8
Thanks, funnily enough I came across it yesterday too ;)


mtnhome3d1+ years ago #9
what series used maya for the cut-out?

ragtag1+ years ago #10
South Park and a Norwegian series called Kutoppen, that I know about.

theHand1+ years ago #11

Kryzon1+ years ago #12
I wanna know what the big studios use. That way you have the best reference ever.

Ross C1+ years ago #13
What about Corel Xara. It deals with bitmaps, but can't do pixel editing. Excellent, if not the best vector art app out there. Animation is pretty easy too.

theHand1+ years ago #14
I wanna know what the big studios use. That way you have the best reference ever.

Uh, there's Amazon Paint and ifxAnt, both probably way out of anyone's 95% of people's price range though.
If you can't afford that (ah ha ha haa!! OF COURSE YOU CAN'T!), there's PD Pro, a Corel Painter-like program with facilities for animation. Try the free version to see if it has what you want insofar as tools.

Something I found mildly interesting was that plugins written for it must be written in Lua, which BlitzMax offers facilities to use as a scripting language.

QuickSilva1+ years ago #15
Thanks for the continued suggestions everyone.


theHand1+ years ago #16
Please let us know what you went with (and why), I am curious.

Taron1+ years ago #17
Hmmm... I wrote a little 2d animation tool with BlitzMax, which is very promissing, but I havn't continued with it for a while. It has layers, undos and redos, dublicate, insert, delete, a pretty and unique color pallet, playback with parametric fps and internal 16bit colors, dithering for 8bit. Reacts to pen pressure for brush size and/or opacity, adjustable brush feather. Loads and saves PNGs, whereby I also added a desaturation feature and incidently a sharpening/blur filter as well (was just curious if I could...and I could).

Now you've read all that and can't get the tool...pffff...sorry. I still have to write a proper interface for it and all the fileformat import/export features along with a proprietary fileformat for scenes, brushes and such. It has some long ways to go, but well... promissing.

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