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sirus1+ years ago #1
ok i made a texture with gimp and when i put it on my land it just looks like a smooth brown texture. Its supposed to look like dirt why is it smooth in blitz3d?

Matty1+ years ago #2
Most likely you haven't specified the UV coordinates of each vertex for your mesh.

Having not use blender or gimp I cannot provide any further details, sorry.

kfprimm1+ years ago #3

sirus1+ years ago #4
i still can not figure this out

D4NM4N1+ years ago #5
b3d has no default bumpmapping if that is what you are asking.

As for the texture, if it looks smooth or shiny then it is down to the FX you have active.

Make sure shininiess is off (if loading a mesh it may take this property with it, and if the mesh has kids then you need to recurse evert child of child etc.) If so experiment with some cubes first.

ragtag1+ years ago #6
Use an image like this one to check that your UVs are the way you want them. It can be hard to see the correct mapping with a dirty brown texture.

ragtag1+ years ago #7
Obs....didnt expect that to show up inline. :)

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