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Some Java advice required

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ziggy1+ years ago #1
I've been contracted for a paid job and I need to make some small devs on Java. I really haven't used Java properly before, so if anyone can point me in the right direction, I mean a good Java community that is beginners friendly and a good book about desktop development with Java, I'll appreciate it a lot.

Yasha1+ years ago #2
Here: http://www.mindview.net/Books/TIJ/

I've heard a lot of people say this is one of the best books on Java. I haven't read it myself... but it's free, so you can't really go wrong there.

Java culture is also heavily influenced by the Eternal Wisdom of the Gang of Four (that is, design patterns). Haven't read their book either, but the Portland Pattern Repository may be of some use to you.

To be honest, if you're working by yourself rather than with a team, you'll be able to code in a fairly Blitzy/Monkey style and achieve what you want to do without difficulty.

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ziggy1+ years ago #3
I'll take a look, thanks!

SLotman1+ years ago #4
Java is pretty easy and similar to C++, so it's pretty easy to pick and start coding.

I'm doing the same thing, but coding stuff for Android - I already have a basic game going, in less than 2 weeks :)

ziggy1+ years ago #5
Thanks Slotmam,

Apart from the book, does anybody know a good Java dev community that is beginner friendly?

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Brucey1+ years ago #6
Java Ranch is quite friendly :-)


ziggy1+ years ago #7
Thanks Brucey!

ziggy1+ years ago #8
IntelliJ Idea is a monster of IDE. I thought Visual Studio was bloated... Anyway, seems to work like a charm. Interesting...

SLotman1+ years ago #9
Try Eclipse. It's what I'm using for Android, and it works pretty well.

Brucey1+ years ago #10
I cannot imagine not using Eclipse... ever.

D4NM4N1+ years ago #11
Netbeans is alright, it is certainly cleaner than eclipse but not as featured and better only for small projects. The thing i hate about eclipse is the whole workspace concept. I would rather set a "Main project" and select a build order than have it do it all for me (which often leads to lots of confusion when it buggers it up)

Still for massive projects there is NO alternative to eclipse. Just make sure you commit or backup regularly because the refactoring can be sketchy sometimes :D

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ziggy1+ years ago #12
I've been working all day with IntelliJ Idea and finally I like it, once I've organized the layouts, it has a top notch refactoring system, and the GUI designer is very "sexy". I think I'll keep with it for now... and concentrate on learning all the Swing thing... That library is huge!

TeaBoy1+ years ago #13
ewwwwwwwwwwww... just use Notepad++ and the command line, much less hassle :o)

ziggy1+ years ago #14
@TeaBoy: What have I done to you? :D You do really want to make me work as we were in 1965? :D Not, really, I do love refactoring and intellisense on an IDE, specially when you're new to a language. It was just too much information on screen in the default layout, now I'm really loving the environment.
By the way, I'm really liking the language design. It's much more OO than C++, and easier to get things going fast, wich is something very important for me in any programing language. It reminds me a lot to C#. I still prefer C# over Java, but they're very very similar.

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Dabhand1+ years ago #15

It reminds me a lot to C#. I still prefer C# over Java, but they're very very similar.

Considering C# was the child of a spat between Sun and Microsoft, its not surprising! ;)

As I recall, Sun were playing silly buggers with their Java licensing to Microsoft, Microsoft were playing silly buggers with its implementation... it all went tits up, Microsoft ditched their Visual J++ tool, they used C# as a finger to Sun, they also had a visual J# language, sorta spin off but a little bit crap compared to C#.

They probably havent looked back!


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