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[DWLab] Prehistorik 2 level maps

Community Forums/Showcase/[DWLab] Prehistorik 2 level maps

Matt Merkulov1+ years ago #1
Some level maps of old DOS arcade Prehistorik2 for DWLab world editor. Ripped by Dmitry Volokitin.

Download (1.4MB)

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GfK1+ years ago #2
Why do you keep showcasing stolen artwork?

You made a map editor. We get it.

Matt Merkulov1+ years ago #3
You'd better think twice before using such words as "stolen". Never heard about Fair Use, eh?

The purpose of converting existing game maps to editor format is in showing its possibilities.

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Hezkore1+ years ago #4
Why's the graphics so smoothed? :o
I think it'd look way better if you we see the beautiful pixels! :D

Jesse1+ years ago #5
Just ignore GFK Matt. He can't speak for everybody here and not everybody here jumps the gun.
I don't think anybody put a gun to his head to post here or read this thread. We all have the option to ignore.

That kind of attitude don't really help the community.

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Matt Merkulov1+ years ago #6
To Hezkore:
It's because map is scaled for editing convenience. But you can scale it with 1:1 ratio or use different AutoImageFlags in code (disable bilinear filtering) and L_DiscreteGraphics flag.

To Jesse:
Thanks, I think you're right.

Hezkore1+ years ago #7
I personally think bilinear should be off by default in the editor. x)
It's kinda hard to see if the pixels are "correct" if they're smoothed like that.

Matt Merkulov1+ years ago #8
Maybe filtering switch should fit well.

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