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Windows 10 and Blitz3DYue21Mikorians (7 months ago)
Windows 10 SmartYue2Rick Nasher (10 months ago)
Where update DirectX?Yue6Yue (11 months ago)
Restarting without my permissionTricky4xlsior (1+ years ago)
IDE) After upgrade to Windows 10 insider (14279)Fielder3Brucey (1+ years ago)
Defragmenting external harddrive in Windows 10Tricky6Tricky (1+ years ago)
[solved] Error compiling C files on Windows 10...Fielder11Brucey (1+ years ago)
error on load Escapi.dll on BitzmaxNG (64 build)Fielder18Fielder (1+ years ago)
Reading registry on Windows 64Fielder7Fielder (1+ years ago)
Have you noticed Windows 10?Casaber2fox95871 (1+ years ago)
Can be BlitzmaxFielder1Fielder (1+ years ago)
Blitz Basic with Windows 10, hiccup running BBc h i e f y38BlitzSupport (1+ years ago)
This is doing my head in...skidracer3skidracer (1+ years ago)
Access Denied in Windows XP Home Edition_PJ_9xlsior (1+ years ago)
Play Videos?time-killer-games16Matty (1+ years ago)
Trying to read a shortcutJohn Blackledge7virtlands (1+ years ago)
receiving data from a different thread (crosspost)col1col (1+ years ago)
Strange 'Write-Protection' on Windows...Tricky14Tricky (1+ years ago)
Incorrect Windows Version returned_PJ_12_PJ_ (1+ years ago)
Windows 7 on Windows XPYue10xlsior (1+ years ago)
How to assign icons to Windows 7 exes?taumel7Russell (1+ years ago)
Insert text to console application? (win)zzz3ziggy (1+ years ago)
How to add Version Information BlitzMax EXECaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)1Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (1+ years ago)
Adding Customised Context Menu items_PJ_1_PJ_ (1+ years ago)
Two swap files on one drive?andy_mc3xlsior (1+ years ago)

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