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fantasy sprites (and eventually others)Matty3Why0Why (1 day ago)
Dies at 9800 gtYue8Yue (5 days ago)
What is the weight at the vertices?Yue4Yue (5 days ago)
New site tagsskidracer13degac (6 days ago)
Using Blitzmax for the longtermRooster31GW (6 days ago)
adblock plusskidracer8Hotcakes (1 week ago)
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What are the semantics in HLSL?Yue4col (1 week ago)
Windows 10 S. Where S stands for ...Jim Brown25xlsior (1 week ago)
..new CPU vs Win7..Naughty Alien19Rick Nasher (1 week ago)
Food mechanicsRooster19Rooster (2 weeks ago)
is this possible ipv6?EdzUp MkII5EdzUp MkII (2 weeks ago)
What is a epsilon? ( Lights )Yue4Kryzon (2 weeks ago)
Making Game Programming Less TerribleIan Thompson1Ian Thompson (2 weeks ago)
Fake, Fake, FakeMatty6dynaman (3 weeks ago)
New Character Control Methodstayne9Rooster (3 weeks ago)
Please consider submitting to the Galleryskidracer10skidracer (3 weeks ago)
What is a DSS Shadow?Yue21Yue (3 weeks ago)
front page soundtiresius12Naughty Alien (3 weeks ago)
Is there a solution to my programming motivation problem?Matty50Matty (3 weeks ago)

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