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BugBin Link (locked) (sticky)skidracer1skidracer (1+ years ago)
Radio Button bug!SLotman7Midimaster (1+ years ago)
Array out of bounds! [win32]Brucey2skidracer (1+ years ago)
Code Archive issueBobysait7GW (1+ years ago)
Mysterious 'deactivate all' bug (Mac)Tricky2skidracer (1+ years ago)
MaxGUI bugJoshK5Tricky (1+ years ago)
MaxGUI Yosemite contstraints issueskidracer4Grisu (1+ years ago)
doesnt work on my linux mint 16 64 bityossi2TomToad (1+ years ago)
conflicting types for NSClearItemsMidimaster2skidracer (1+ years ago)
Flicker on ComboBoxMidimaster1Midimaster (1+ years ago)
[Windows] Checkbox affected by SetgadgettextcolorGrisu1Grisu (1+ years ago)
ListBox: ActiveGadget()=NULLMidimaster3Midimaster (1+ years ago)
TOOLBAR different numbering on different OsXMidimaster17GaryV (1+ years ago)
[Linux] SelectedGadgetitem and editable ComboboxGrisu1Grisu (1+ years ago)
Hidden window problem on LinuxScaremonger2Grisu (1+ years ago)
ProxyGadget memory leakJoshK1JoshK (1+ years ago)
Workaround for placing images in buttonsMarco A G Pinto2Takis76 (1+ years ago)
ScrollPanel - Win32degac6Trinosis (1+ years ago)
Main window goes behind all windows (V1.45 Win)Marco A G Pinto7Marco A G Pinto (1+ years ago)
Request File bugMarco A G Pinto4skidracer (1+ years ago)
A very easily reproducible and fatal error on OSXJoshK2JoshK (1+ years ago)
GadgetHidden() causes error with tabbersJoshK2JoshK (1+ years ago)
canvas graphics failing on deeply nested panels?skn35NoOdle (1+ years ago)
[Linux] Window sizes doesn't update after max.Matt Merkulov1Matt Merkulov (1+ years ago)
[OSX Lion] ComboBox always editableshinkiro11shinkiro1 (1+ years ago)
[OS X Lion] Toolbar issueFabriceW1FabriceW (1+ years ago)

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