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DrawImageRect image,x,y,rect_x,rect_y,rect_width,rect_height,[frame]


image = variable holding the image handle
x = x location on the screen to draw the image
y = y location on the screen to draw the image
rect_x = starting x location within the image to draw
rect_y = starting y location within the image to draw
rect_width = the height of the area to draw
rect_height = the width of the area to draw
frame = optional frame number of image to draw


This command will let you draw a rectangular PORTION of an image to the designated location on the screen. The transparent/masked portions of the original image will be drawn transparent, just as you normally would draw an image.

This is handy if you are doing something like revealing part of a screen when the player uncovers something (think QIX). You could load the 'picture' into an image, then when the player clears a rectangular region, you could paste that portion of the final image onto the playfield. If you want to draw the image portion with no transparency or mask, use DrawBlockRect instead.


; DrawImageRect Example

; Turn on graphics mode
Graphics 640,480,16

; Create new empty graphic to store our circle in

; Draw the circle image
; Set drawing operations to point to our new empty graphic
SetBuffer ImageBuffer(gfxCircle)
Color 255,0,0
; Note the extra space between the circle and the edge of the graphic
Oval 10,10,30,30,1
SetBuffer FrontBuffer()

; Let's draw portions of the circle randomly
While Not KeyHit(1)
; We take random sized portions of the circle and put them
; at a random location ... wash, rinse, and repeat
DrawImageRect gfxCircle,Rnd(640),Rnd(480),0,0,Rnd(50),Rnd(50),0
Delay 100



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