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Code archives/3D Graphics - Misc

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.bmxGlHelper ClassProvides an easy way to figure out if a card supports Gl extensions and what its limits areN1+ years ago
.bmxTexture typeA texture type for BlitzGL. Includes auto-deleting with FlushMem.Oddball1+ years ago
.bmxSimple texture classSimplest texture class ever :)ozak1+ years ago
.bmxVector 3 classSimple, robust vector class.ozak1+ years ago
.bmxminiB3D Cube pickerminiB3D version of my cube pick demobradford61+ years ago
.bmxminiB3D cubesminiB3D version of my very first Blitz3D entrybradford61+ years ago
.bmxglPerspectiveAn alternative to gluPespectiveOddball1+ years ago
.bmxSDK Entity WrapperVery Rough SDK Entity oop WrapperH&K1+ years ago
.bmxPre-Rendered backgroundsUse this method when you want to mix 3d actors with 2d scenesDiablo1+ years ago
.bmxDreamotion3D PanelInitialize Dreamotion3D on a canvas/panel.itsdanreed1+ years ago
.bmxminiB3D Simple DungeonAn example of an old school randomly generated Wolfenstein-3D type dungeon.jhans0n1+ years ago
.bmxOOP Blitz3dSDK frameworkOOP Blitz3D Game FrameworkFestay1+ years ago
.bmxminib3d scenegraphscenegraph system for minib3db321+ years ago
.bmxminib3d platform collisionsa minib3d example of using platform collisionsWarner1+ years ago
.bmxopenGL vertex/fragment programexample of using 1.5 compatible shadersWarner1+ years ago
.bmx(Blitz3dSDK) PNG Texture Colorizer And Alpha ModifierModify R/G/B + Alpha (Colorize) for PNG Textures! Even colorizes alpha channeled textures!JesseJoh1+ years ago
.bmx(Blitz3dSDK) Combine alpha texturesThis is a function to combine multiple textures together. Much faster to do this at game load and use a single texture than it is to use hardware multi-texturingJesseJoh1+ years ago
.bmxOpenb3d library wrapperOpenb3d is a version of Minib3d in C++markcw1+ years ago
.bmxTExportMeshExport mesh to b3d file from codeCocopino1+ years ago
.bmxIngame Screen Resolution SwitchIngame Screen Resolution Switch using MaxGUI and miniB3DKrischan7 months ago
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