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Code archives/3D Graphics - Effects/Easy Shadows (flat surfaces only)

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Easy Shadows (flat surfaces only) by daaan1+ years ago
This is the easiest way to get decent looking shadows. The only problem is that they only work on a single flat surface.
; lazy mans shadows ;
;      by tank      ;
Graphics3D 640,480,32,2
SetBuffer BackBuffer()

MoveEntity camera,0,5,-10
TurnEntity camera,25,0,0

MoveEntity cone,0,5,0

EntityFX shadow,1
EntityColor shadow,10,10,10
ScaleEntity shadow,1,0.001,1
MoveEntity shadow,0,0.11,0
EntityAlpha shadow,0.5

ScaleEntity platform,5,0.1,5
EntityColor platform,100,100,100

MoveEntity light,0,20,0
TurnEntity light,90,90,0


; M A I N  L O O P ;
While Not KeyHit(1)
	TurnEntity campiv,0,0.1,0
	RotateMesh cone,1,1,0
	RotateMesh shadow,1,1,0
	If KeyDown(200) Then scale# = scale# + 0.01
	If KeyDown(208) Then scale# = scale# - 0.01
	ScaleEntity cone, scale#, scale#, scale#
	ScaleEntity shadow, scale#+(scale#*0.4), 0.001, scale#+(scale#*0.4)
	Text 10,10,"Use the UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW keys to change the scale of the cone."


Clarks(Posted 1+ years ago)
thats pretty neat

puki(Posted 1+ years ago)
Nice shadow thingy

>'The only problem is that they only work on a single flat surface'

Still useful.

bytecode77(Posted 1+ years ago)
waaah, rubish...( sry:( )

but if you wanna have a stencil shdaow system, just go into my worklogs(signature or click onto my name)!

Naughty Alien(Posted 1+ years ago)
you said you will make it faster (I try it and its still not for real use)...so, I hope it will be updated soon (I'm talking about stencil shadows)

bytecode77(Posted 1+ years ago)
well, i dont know wether i can make it faster... i cannot promise you that it will be faster...

fireshadow4126(Posted 1+ years ago)

very simple, but effective for my purposes, considering that the game that I'm making is mostly inside a labyrinth, so it's going to be flat

_PJ_(Posted 1+ years ago)
Nice and fast, Shame if you try using more complex shapes, or have 'AddMesh' though.

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