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3d editor progress by AdamStrange

ok, progress is being made with the 3d editor.
I took onboard the suggestions and moved from software to OpenGL display of the 3d, so now it is completely depth sorted etc.
I also enabled the 3d view so that you can pick and modify in the 3d window - not as simple a task as I wanted, but it works great now :)
the object list has grown some options to merge visible object into one object, delete, etc

So what are we looking at?
Here's a low poly palm tree completed in 10 mins, just vertex colours, no textures
1st shows the crown (face copied, coloured to form a leaf and duplicated), the blue outline is the preview of the user created shape that will become the trunk
2nd shows part one of the crown (there are two) and the object list showing all the current copies plus the main one expanded showing the vertex information
3rd shows the crown being moved into place onto the trunk
4th shows the finished tree in 3d

I've still got some issues with the 3d display clipping oddly.

if your wondering how I get the shading:
any selected vertex/face shows it's colour, at the bottom of the colour system is a 'modify' slider, just got - to darken and + to lighten, the modify button shows the amount and just click it to apply the change

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