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Beta Blocker by Jonathan Nguyen

Based on the classic gameplay of Escape Velocity and other foundations such as Elite and Freelancer, Beta Blocker is a combination of great gameplay and classic features. Beta Blocker is played out in an expansive universe, even at this testing phase, that is open to curious explorers. Get caught up in a battle between an inter-stellar empire and a band of outcasts trying to make it on their own. You choose your own role, be it a benelovent policeman or a selfish space pirate. Take up missions, bounty or freight, purchase new powerful weapons and items, earn money through wage or stealing, capture ships or save them, it's your choice.

Check out more at: http://betablocker.budfish.com/

Submitted: 1+ years ago
No. of ratings: 55
Average rating: 4.09 / 5

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