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Lights of Dreams IVPresentation of the GameXilvan172017-04-16
Candy's Space MysteriesMissions on The Blue Earth Planet.Xilvan142017-04-16
Current ProjectI have tinkered and fooled around with blitz for quite awhile, grasping and using every possible function to create and fulfill my game-design needs. I would like to showcase my WIP of my game calledOmnicode372017-04-03
Code TestTesting CodeFBEpyon62017-04-03
Animate Model ExperimentsAnimate code of different "life forms"gpete22017-03-09
Learning BlitzMaxLearning BlitzMaxYue532017-01-23
Candy to the Rescue IVHelp Candy and Noopy overcome all new dangers in this 7th 3D Candy World.Xilvan132017-01-10
Candy World: The Golden BonesAll About Candy WorldXilvan102017-01-10
Fantasy Gamenew game im thinking is a fantasy game. a battle game with a brief story. i might do it for pc instead of mobile this time around.Matty112016-12-07
Star Battle ConquestSpace Strategy GameMatty22016-11-09
Game Server - Blitz3D Client UserlibA game server and userlib package written in PureBasic for use with Blitz3Deng_harvey442016-09-17
Candy World II: The Other Golden Bones...Are finally back!Alex. L.12016-07-06
RPG GameRouge Like BuilderFBEpyon12016-06-29
Grimoire of WorldsProcedural RPGgrindalf12016-05-28
Candy Racing Cup: The Lillians RallyCandy Racing Cup: infos, images and demos !Xilvan62016-05-26
Wizards ChaosTurnbased 2d war gameRedWizzard42016-05-11
Drawing/Pixeling tool (bplus)I hope to create a lot of drawing tool features.Pakz62016-05-01
Candy World Adventure IVPlay the third Candy World Adventure game!Xilvan162016-02-23
Candy's Space AdventuresThe Messages from the Lillians. Explore the Universe, from each galaxy and from planet to another. You may plant trees and flowers to resolve unique missions. Find Treasures. Grab Bonus and find keys in order to save animals. 1700 planets to save. 16 new galaxies. 10 stars by galaxies.Xilvan412016-02-22
Blitz HardwiredDirectx9/Directx11 Substitute for B3DPloppy532016-02-21
GPS 3D Training ViewerDepicts in 3D a training route showing latitude, latitude, longitude & heart rate around a routeBlitzplotter22016-02-01
ConvergenceNew Game I'm working onMatty712016-01-24
UDP Network libraryA network library for Blitz3D based on UDP server-client protocol with host switchingFlanker52016-01-17
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